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Well regulated militia:

[Accused Aurora shooter] Holmes also bought an urban assault vest, two magazine holders and a knife for just over $300 on July 2 from an online supplier of tactical gear for police and military personnel, according to the company.

Chad Weinman, CEO of, said his company processes thousands of orders each day, and there was nothing unusual in the one that Holmes placed.


No, indeed. So what is it exactly that makes Holmes different from The President as First Person Shooter?

Imagination? Planning? Casualty count? Better toys? Doing the killing legally? (Please. It only hurts when I laugh.)

I mean, surely Obama's supporters aren't saying it's doubleplusgood to blow teenagers away in Yemen with a drone strike, and doubleplusungood to blow away teenagers in Colorado with a gun. Right? Especially when the victims in both killings are US citizens?

If there's no rule of law, then Obama and Holmes are exactly the same, except for one tiny difference: Obama is powerful, and Holmes is not.

NOTE To be fair, Obama didn't use pre-massacre smoke bombs. That we know of. So there's that.

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I was horrified by my reaction to this, which was basically another day in America.

Needless to say it was more justification to promote the police state, which really is the extension of the corporate state.

War is peace

2 + 2 = 5

Climate change is a hoax

..but Romney will be much much worse!!




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"Holmes allegedly had obtained a 100-round drum magazine that attached to the weapon but such large magazines are notorious for jamming. [if the 100 round magazines are so lethal, why do you suppose the military issues a 30 round magazine ?]

Law enforcement official said authorities think the gunman first used the shotgun — some victims have buckshot wounds — and then began using the assault rifle, which jammed."

So the much ballyhoo'd "assault weapon" may have been a dud ? It appears that the duck shotgun may be responsible for most of the bloodshed -- though I'll reserve final judgement until a more detailed ballistic report is released.

As for the "urban assault vest," it played no role in the incident, since Holmes surrendered without a fight. Nor are bulletproof vests really bullet proof. Typically, they only protect against soft nose handgun ammo, and can be penetrated by most rifle ammo, or even by some of the more aggressive handgun loads.

The public is fixated on the "assault weapon" and tactical gear, but the choice of gear suggests to me that Holmes had little practical knowledge of weaponry, that his choices were instead influenced by Hollywood.

The difference between Holmes and Obama ? Holmes is probably mentally ill and/or autistic. Obama and Bush are cold blooded psychopaths.

Jammed assault weapon may have saved lives

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Sailor's bought much the same gear for airsoft, at a much lower price.

But that's why I can buy that the order wasn't much different that the ones they usually get, people playing tactical sports are their biggest customers.