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Playing catch-up with the garden

I think Hipparchia is quite right; what I have misleading labelled a "recliner" (my mother's locally famous recliner) is The Barcalounger, the fons et origo of pontification.

Seriously, however, or unseriously, I think it's an important and legitimate goal simply to sit in one's garden -- especially at the height of the season -- and listen, breathe, watch... It's a peaceful, calming, and happy experience. So many layers of life!

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i frequently sit in the rocking chair on my porch and call up friends and family with the "farm report": i'm sitting in the rocking chair on my porch, watching the sun set with one eye and watching my garden grow with the other eye.

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White pants before Memorial Day?


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I will certainly attempt to demonstrate compliance in the future! [tearfully effaces himself]