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GE has not paid into its pension since the '80s

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The Post Office has to fund its pension for the next 75 years.

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The investigation was done by a Wall Street Journal reporter, but NPR at least covered it on Morning Edition. It's these pearls among the crap kleptocracy fluffing that makes NPR still worthwhile.

Link to writeup of the segment (transcript should be out tomorrow at the latest) about Ellen Schultz's Retirement Heist.

Note: GE, of course, is one of the companies which paid no Federal income taxes in 2010.

This Corporate Person is not such a good Corporate Citizen, eh?

And has been included in the write on one dollar bills the message: "This is $1 dollar more than Bank of America, GE, and Exxon-Mobil paid in taxes in 2010."

Interesting that, according to The Guardian article, banks yank these dollar bills out of circulation...even though the writing does not deface to the extent the bill is not usable.