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Stunning Essay by Ai Wei Wei

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He writes about Beijing, repression, violence, prison. It's beautiful, moving, kind of an anti-travelogue.


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is one word I'd use to describe it.

There's a quality of awful nothingness about it—no trust in the judicial system, no answers, no information for family members if you're whisked away:

The strongest character of those spaces ["where they put people without identity"] is that they’re completely cut off from your memory or anything you’re familiar with. You’re in total isolation. And you don’t know how long you’re going to be there, but you truly believe they can do anything to you. There’s no way to even question it. You’re not protected by anything. Why am I here? Your mind is very uncertain of time. You become like mad. It’s very hard for anyone. Even for people who have strong beliefs.

Thanks for posting.

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I probably should have put it on the main page, it really is a terrific essay. Oh well, next time.