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A Real Economist Explains the Debt Ceiling Theatre

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I think someone else at Corrente posted this the other day, but nothing wrong with reposting. It was a great video.

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I can not believe how many people are fooled by this man and both Parties.

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Good interview, though I think the person interviewed strayed off into some improbable weeds shortly before the end. Kinda seemed to be supporting Obama at that point. Otherwise, just great.

btw, Bruce, check your regular mail. If I had known about your visit to Lewis, I would have been there. (referencing previous Corrente post).


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Thank you for uploading the video. Debt ceiling is a cap set by Congress on the amount of debt the federal government can legally borrow. The cap applies to debt owed to the public (i.e., anyone who buys U.S. bonds) plus debt owed to federal government trust funds such as those for Social Security and Medicare. Indeed, this has been a hot polemic for months already. And just recently, Obama walks out of debt ceiling debate saying he has reached his limit, and this gained lot of reactions from all sectors.