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White House Rally for DC Democracy

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On June 25, 2011, join DC Vote in a rally at the White House to call on President Obama to stand with the 600,000 residents of the District of Columbia who demand democracy, full equality and full citizenship.

DC has suffered unprecedented abuses from the 112th Congress, and they will be coming after DC again with riders attached to legislation on the debt ceiling and the 2012 federal budget. DC's progressive laws, including syringe access AIDS prevention programs, marriage equality, gun control and other issues are in jeopardy.

The stakes are high, and you can make a difference. RSVP now to enjoy this family-friendly event that will include musical performances, activity and poster-making stations, inspirational speeches and more. Check in with us here, on Twitter and Facebook for more details as the rally approaches.

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So the people will be coming after DC again with riders attached to legislation on the debt ceiling. Congressional Democrats and President Obama are working with each other against Congressional Republicans as it usually is. The debt ceiling is a big issue currently and it must be elevated soon. Congress will end up defaulting on loans if a decision isn't reached and from what I heard this will take place at the start of August. The nation will only make it through if the debt limit is elevated; that was the thought of Mr. President. The Democrats never remonstrated the idea however, much of the Republicans don't think it is a good suggestion. They don’t feel like the nation is setting a very good example by getting more debt as it discourages borrowing among citizens. The polemic is large since motley reactions came out about this. Until there are modifications to the federal budget made, Republicans won’t change their minds because they feel this change is necessary. President Obama feels that the federal government needs huge installment loans if it is going to make it past the deadline of August. The champion could be anybody. More than likely, there will just be a lot of compromises.