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Front-pager Bill from Portland Maine gets it wrong on Kos (sorry for the redundancy):

Maine's new Republican governor---he who told the NAACP to "kiss my butt" a couple days before MLK Day---has decided that being a trailblazer on environmental issues just ain't his bag. So backwards we go with 36 (for now) revisions to environmental laws. Little things, like allowing development on pristine land, scuttling the Board of Environmental Protection, and loosening restrictions on a chemical linked to cancer in kids.

Oh, and considering how evil the tea party thinks the federal government is, it's worth noting how quickly they'll move to embrace it when it suits their agenda, in this case by "Making Maine's environmental laws conform to less stringent federal standards." (Gov. LePage also hates the Reinvestment and Recovery Act so much that he's willing to vacuum a bunch of extra commie dollars from it so other states won’t be tainted by them. How thoughtful!)

Here's the back story that Bill, who is a shill for D suck, conveniently airbrushes:

1. We had 8 years of D administration under the Baldaccis.

2. The Baldacci administration was known to "have its hand out." Mainers don't like that. We like to think we're clean.

3. For example, Baldacci unilaterally reversed twenty years of environmental policy on landfills to make Maine a dumping ground for out-of-state trash, and sited the landfill at the confluence of the Penobscot and the Stillwater rivers, a totally smooth move from the groundwater standpoint, eh? And all so the local D oligarchy could skim a few trivial millions from the solid waste rents collected by Casella, the world's most vicious and incompetent solid waste firm, for running a state-owned landfill.

The election that LePage won was a squeaker, and brought Maine the first R governor and legislature in at least twenty years. It was a three-way, between LePage, Libby Mitchell, a long-time D, and Eliot Cutler, an Independent*.

4. If the Baldacci administration hadn't sucked so hard, LePage would never have won.

5. If Mitchell had heaved Baldacci over the side, she would have won. She didn't break with the Baldacci administration, so she lost the part of the electorate (me, for example) that saw the election as a referendum on Baldacci-ism.

6. When Mainers figured out that Mitchell was circling the bowl, there was a late swing to Cutler, who almost won (the margin was 8000 votes). Cutler says that it was "early voting" that did him in, because by definition those voters can't participate in a late swing. That, but also:

LePage was a totally known quantity before the election. That makes the post facto "ZOMG!!!!!! LePage is a racist kitten strangler!!!!!" stuff that D shills like Bill From Might As Well Be Massachusetts are throwing totally self-serving and obfuscatory. Why? Because if LePage is going to be the point-of-no-return disaster the Ds are yammering about, Mitchell should have thrown her support to Cutler (in exchange for the usual sort of quid pro quo). Remember, 8000 votes would have done it. And what that tells you is that the insitutional imperatives of the Ds are all important to them, and not principal or policy at all. Or the state of Maine, I might add. The D party would rather die than change. So let's help it die.

FWIW, my take is that Mainers can lead the nation ("Dirigo") by destroying the Ds --- if the Greens, say, could take advantage. Alas, the Greens weren't on the gubernatorial ballot, and didn't seek to influence the outcome. GODDAMMIT!

NOTE * Maine has a tradition of voting independent businessmen into office. They're not always complete disasters.

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thanks. when emergent parties become viable, it will be in New England first. You have already had independent governors in maine and vermont, and a socialist senator from VT. It is just a question of time.

Submitted by lambert on

... is that LePage is also putting a black Jamaican who's lived with the LePage family through college.

And after 2008, I'd take any charge of racism from the Ds with a couple of tons of salt. So, I give Bill From Might As Well Be Massachusetts no points at all for using a standard D trope.

LePage has told plenty of people to kiss his butt in one way or another. Consensus at the local was LePage being LePage, and let the out-of-staters think what they want.

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To individual members of an oppressed class, does not a non-racist make.

Our former congresswoman had many adopted children of color, and still intituted policies that made life difficult for their fellows who weren't so fortunate.