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Data on taxes, investment, and growth disproves conservative economics

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Mike Kimel has been doing great work analyzing real-world data on the effect of U.S. income tax rates on economic growth and investment. This pretty much summarizes his findings so far:

Put another way – conservatives and libertarians have a very, very flawed theory of the world. At the very least it does not conform at all with historical US data. At all. Which of course has serious consequences; because that theory is somewhat dominant in the political sphere, and has been since the late 60s. The end result – slower economic growth for all of us since the late 60s. That has real consequences for real people – 310 million of us. That should have repercussions for the consciences of economists who peddle this garbage, though apparently it doesn’t.


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Top Marginal Income Tax Rates & Real Economic Growth, a Bar Chart

The Tax Rate That Maximizes Economic Growth
To maximize real economic growth in the United States, the top marginal income tax rate should be about 65%, give or take about ten percent.

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Nice job Tony. We did kind of know that from the 1961-1980 period, when top marginal rates were in that range.