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"Folks," OFA just sent me some progaganda for a sneak preview of the SOTU. Our Beloved Leader starts out by selling the tax cut frame, believe it or not. Then he frames that in terms of the deficit. Then on to "compromise" and "bipartisanship." Then he frames all that in term of "spurring the private sector to create millions of new jobs." In other words, The Lightbringer recycles every stale cliche from thirty years of neo-liberal policies, with special attention to R talking points.

Obama is so full of shit. Lie, lies, nothing but lies. Well, dance with them that brung ya. Also, he sounds just as stilted as Bush ever did. Off kilter accents on some words, cadence off, and so on. Odd. I mean, he never was any good as an orator, but now he's worse.

NOTE Oh, and the theme of the OFA mail is "win the future." What does that even mean?

UPDATE Izvestia:

Obama to Press Centrist Agenda in His Address


While most midterm presidents use the State of the Union to take credit for their achievements to date, Mr. Obama is constrained by the facts that unemployment remains above 9 percent, that his signature domestic achievement — the expansion of health insurance coverage — remains unpopular with nearly half the couCompetitivenessntry, and that prospects for withdrawing many troops from Afghanistan later this year remain uncertain at best.

A modest man, who has much to be modest about. Competitiveness!

Oh, and our elected representatives are going to choose their seats regardless of legacy party affiliation. Showing, if you had any doubts, that they're one entity (even if they do hate each other).

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yeah, i got that email too. you saved me having to write something about it. thanks.

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Obama use cliches to sell a rightwing agenda? I'm shocked, shocked. Oh wait, that's what he's been doing the last two years and what the Democrats have been doing for the last 20.

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I'm thinking that 20 years is a bit generous. I mean, as I have been reflecting

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I think it was Jimmy Carter who first turned the Ds right. He kept trying to balance the budget. And once he did it became respectable for a Democrat to do that. So we soon got people like Dick Gephardt, Paul Simon, Bill Bradley, and soon after that the New Democrats and the blue dogs, and then Bill Clinton. The Democratic Party's been dying since the 1970s. I guess the big Parties just take a long time to die, especially when the Corps are propping them up.

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OFA thinks this will keep their members firmly in the veal pen? Well, here's a cheer from me to them:

Win the Future!
Lose the Past!
Barack Obama is an Ass!

He looks Forward!
Won't look Back!
That's Obama--
Corporate Hack!

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Ben Stien had a piece on the CBS Sunday Morning Show saying the Republicans needed a good candidate to run for president and it ought to be Obama. And he kept a straight face (but of course he always does....). Don't you just love irony?