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Looking east out over my monitor, up at the maples on the bluff behind the house: The first red leaves, where the setting sun coming over the roof catches them.

Somehow the season seems later than it is.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

The sun is now rising here in Arizona - and not a changed leaf in sight. Ahhhh. No raking!

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Submitted by kerril on

not a spectacular turning, just brown. But when the wind whips them up it's stirring and eerie at the same time. Love fall.

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Submitted by twig on

where fall is FALL!!! Here, it's just pathetic.

In fact, I took a picture yesterday of what passes for autumn here to post in a Plantidote, hoping it would inspire people who live where the leaves change to actual colors other than dirt brown to share the wealth (sob!).

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

i am in MI. the leaves here are glorious thanks to global climate change, and i do have a camera. gimme a day or two, but i'll take some shots of the Enchanted Forest the next sunny, gold-shot morning i take puppy for a walk. oh, i'll make you homesick alright. :-)

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Submitted by twig on

So climate change is making the leaves even better?? Geeeez ...Maybe I won't post my picture. You'd probably hurt yourself laughing at it.

Submitted by Lex on

Here in the glorious, central Upper Peninsula we guess that peak color is about a week away. I was kicking myself for not taking my camera out to the farm today, but then it was dark by the time i was coming home so i wouldn't have gotten a shot of the low beginnings of the Huron Mountains as i came down Green Garden Hill towards The Lake. It's a sight in the summer but breathtaking in the fall.

Ah well, at least there's more chickens in the freezer...

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Submitted by chicago dyke on


the Enchanted Forest we walk in every morning has a sort of silly story. some rich guy 100 years ago sold/gave his farm to the big ag uni here, and the environmentalists of the time, very forward seeing people, fenced it off against the encroaching suburban development that even then threatened MI's second-generation emerging forest lands (everything in the midwest was utterly clear-cut in the age of the original robber barons; what we forest have today is "shitwood" product of "weed" trees that were overlooked during that process). my burb is one of those "unique" burbs, in that it was deliberately planned to be a community of generous plots surrounded by a nature preserve. thus, i only have to drive a little way to take puppy into this natural area. which i shouldn't take him to! i admit that; i respect the idea of totally natural areas. but here's my logic for breaking the rules. the people who manage the property deliberately left some holes in the fence, so the deer who live there can get out and... eat from my garden (obviously even a large forest preserve isn't big enough to feed all the deer who live there). so i figure, Bambi and his buddies show up in my veggie garden once or twice a week. mostly they just sample, and only shit on my lawn occasionally. i can return the favor, and puppy will only eat one or two thumpers over the course of the year we walk in the preserve.

yeah, i'm a proud carnivore (of locally grown, humanely raised, free range animals) and i'm not ashamed to have a puppy who is too. flame on, better people.

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Submitted by twig on

He looks big enough to put away a couple of bunny wabbits w/o any trouble.

I didn't know that about Michigan trees. It must've been even more beautiful way back ....