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Christianists still trying to pollute and destroy AA

A fascinating story in WaPo today about the original manuscript of AA's 12 Steps. The edits show references to the Christian doctrine and ritual being systematically replaced with more inclusive phrasing: "higher power," rather than "God" or "Jesus Christ"; "Humbly asked Him,"* rather Humbly, on our knees, asked Him." But I loved the quote at the end:

Jack Cowley, a former prison warden who worked with AA for decades and now helps run faith-based [i.e., funded] prison programs, said the manuscript reflects "a cop-out" on Wilson's part, to make an inherently religious process "the least confrontational."

"The power is in the understanding of how Christ can apply these [steps]," Cowley said. "It's the scripture where the power is, it's not AA. . . . This is the same thing we're doing today. We're downplaying the faith issue to get more people. [funding]"

A classic example of the total untrustworthiness of Christianist proselytizers; they'll just say anything.

NOTE * OK, "Him." It was the 1930s, eh?

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Yes. Doesn't Rick Warren have his own 12 steps for Christians or something, redundant and exclusive. Well, good luck to them. Someone very close to me goes to AA in an extremely multi-cultural town, and they like it just the way it is. Indeed, his sponsor is an atheist, so there Cowley.

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than many AAs are comfortable acknowledging. Luckily, AA itself is very clear about who is and isn't welcome to be a member: if you have even a half-assed desire to stop drinking, you're in if you want to be.

The Pravda article is old news, by the way. AA history is clear about its roots in mid-century christian dogma, and just as clear about why early AAs wisely moved away from it.

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Principles of 12 step philosophy ... integrity and rigorous honesty and expression not repression of feelings, could bring about an international paradigm shift if the leaderships would subscribe to them!

"Principles above personalities!" as they say. Wish this would prevail in non-12-step orbits!

That your "higher power" could be a ham sandwich if you so choose, shows an intuitive genius in respecting spiritual boundaries and building it to an international counter-culture based on moral tenets! Islamaphobes, take note.