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Ya gotta love it.

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Submitted by Rangoon78 on

Logo: Change that matters not

Corporation's New Logo Changes Everything
INDIANAPOLIS—Responding swiftly to a 60 Minutes piece exposing its longtime use of child labor in Malaysian sweatshops, Fortune 500 consumer-goods manufacturer United Home Products unveiled a brand-new logo Tuesday.

Submitted by JuliaWilliams on

let's see, "taking pizza to the next level", could be changed to:
"taking corporatism to the next level", or..well, children, play amongst yourselves, I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Submitted by Rangoon78 on

The Dem logo = O + D. Kool Aid Overdose? Hopium withdrawal?

Submitted by jawbone on

through it, which I'm sure we'll be seeing on posters that use it.

Crikey, don't they have any graphic artists they could have consulted?

Plus, for the two shades of blue are...bleh.

But I didn't catch initially that the circle, or capital O, has the D surrounded. Heh. Good catch Rangoon78 and Randall.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

The laziness on this reeks of arrogance and an I don't give a **** mentality. The slash through the circle is so obvious and not making sure the logo wasn't elsewhere is also lazy.

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Submitted by propertius on

it screams for darts.

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Submitted by mass on

It's as though they started out saying, "ok, we know we want a big O..." and then couldn't think of how to fill it so they just threw the D in to fill up space.

Submitted by jawbone on

driving: To go forward, put the transmission in D (Democrats!) or drive; to go in reverse, put it in R (Republicans) or reverse.

Way too precious and too connected to an ephemeral slogan which is being way overused.

BTW, can't Obama find ways to riff on the D for drive concept? Please? Favreau? Any other speech writers? Variety is the spice of campaign speeches.

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Submitted by illusionofjoy on

Got two emails from the Democratic Party offering a free bumper sticker (shipping included and everything - ooooooh!) featuring the circle D logo and the slogan "change that matters." I ignored the first, but decided to accept it once I got the second.

After the initial sign-up page, there was the expected second page soliciting donations. I laughed a little to myself, thinking "no, boys - I'm here to drain your coffers, not the other way around. That's how this game is going to be played from now on."

Submitted by lambert on

Much better than using their SASEs!