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Celinda Lake's BFF covers Tea Party HCR protesters, continues "message discipline" on single payer

La Digs. I'm shocked. Nailing the left side of the old Overton Window firmly into the sweet spot for the next "progressive" funding cycle, I suppose. Yay!

Hey, thuggish Darcy Burner's and Celinda's BFF too! One big happy, isn't it?

NOTE Single payer "sidewalk summit" here. For Celinda Lake, see here and here.

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I fixed spelling (HCR, not HRC), but I don't think the title is accurate.

Digby isn't blacking out single-payer news, she's equivalating single-payer advocates with the dreaded teab***ers, painting us as an annoying (at best) fringe that's harshing the Serious Majority's' mellow.

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I didn't see any coverage at all. Thanks for the fix, it was late.

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From the quote atop Digby's post:

From the Left: “Medicare for All” and “Support HR 676 National Health Care Act.”

A group advocating single payer has unfurled a large poster claiming to be the “Private Health Insurers’ Quilt of Shame,” with stories of various individuals who have struggled with insurance companies.

“Medicare for all! Medicare for all!” chanted one dark-haired woman, standing with another woman holding a sign advocating health insurance for immigrants.

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(And my head was exploding from discovering that Digby's on the same board with Mike Lux and Celinda Lake. Career progressives....)

So, I changed the head, but what we really need is a headline-ready word for "Overton Window-ize, since the substance of the post is accurate. Equivalate is too long...

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to Tea Partyers*!

When the left which criticized BushCo policies on the war, civil liberties, uncontitutional actions, torture was called by the Right Dirty Fucking Hippies and lots of other things, Digby and lots of A-List bloggers fell in love with the initials DFH and phrase Dirty Fucking Hippies.

Now that we're criticial of an ostensibly Dem prez? We're supposed to get back under that damn bus and STFU.

Glenn, it seems, can get away with criticizing on some issues, but not plain old DFH's.

*Tea Partyers or Tea Partiers? I realize the latter is correct English, but it doesn't seem to announce as clearly what's being said. Any thoughts?