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Maybe somebody could add this link to the "What Do You Want To See Fixed at Open Left" thread. Just a thought. And do feel free to propagate to the lists.

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was that she was a lot of fucking smarter than he is, because her comment during the campaign was that you cannot pre-compromise your position. Obama is, however, at the very best, not smarter than Bower and maybe that's what drew Bower to him. The vast change he wanted to be a part of was Democrats electing someone just as entitled, just as incompetent, and just as intellectually disinterested as the Republicans have been electing since Reagan.

Maybe the vast change that Bowers wanted to be a part of was lowering the standards for the Democrats because, as far as I can tell, Obama is the worst Democratic president since the 19th century. I'm going to be surprised if things improve.

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For Open Left:

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Censoring single-payer advocates. I thought being leftist entailed more that blindly supporting a corporatist President Obama™ and his Democratic™ Congress. I don't care if he gets a cute signing ceremony.
Rather, I care about how we are on the precipice of enacting health "reform" that will, like the bank bailouts, distribute wealth upwards. Whatever bill does emerge should be crushed. But then again, this is not about principled leftism, it's about being "progressive," which most of the public knows as a lame stand-in for "liberal," which is just being representative of economic elites, except without the (faux) populism of the Teabaggers. But ultimately, I expect more coverage of Teabaggers than single-payer advocates who are being jailed for standing up for the civil right of government-funded and provided health care. What if we took an opt-out approach or incrementalist approach to the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Acts?

Also, stop personalizing the inability for Democrats to unfetter themselves from corporate interests; the problem is systemic, as those Democrats would not be so pivotal had not they been enabled by the leadership--Obama™ included.

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Larry Kissell for NC-08

"It's time to be patriotic about something other than war."


by: tarheel-leftist85 @ Sun Nov 22, 2009 at 12:40:20 PM CST

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PBR may be hip, but it tastes horrible. Its what high school kids and college freshmen drink because its cheap. Maybe they were left out of the cool kidz club at that age so they have to make up for lost time by being part of a hipster political clique now.