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Small business support for the public option

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Small Business Owners Stand Up To Giant Insurance Lobby

Today, eight small business owners affiliated with the Main Street Alliance showed up at the conference with a simple question for Ignagni: Why is AHIP attempting to maintain the status quo? After sending a letter Friday requesting a meeting, the entrepreneurs were not surprisingly rebuffed. Instead, they appeared outside the conference, where they explained, one-by-one, how the exploding cost of health care premiums was making it difficult to operate profitably.

Main Street Alliance is part of the public option lobby. As I understand it, the public option, as presently proposed, does zip for small business.

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somebody is paying serious money to monitor Corrente. So while everyone still hates us, at least someone with billable hours is reading us.

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They just don't admit to it or give us any oxygen.

Notice how "progressives" with irony quotes seems to be propagating? It's a C list thing...

And yes, I am pleased. What's remarkable is how bad they are. All this one does is paste in the same link, and Jason Rosenbaum is awful.

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the ones that aren't providing health care for their employees at all right now will have to pay, but some of those would have liked to have provided insurance and just couldn't afford it.

and the very smallest companies won't pay very much anyway, so it's not a hugely bad deal for them. for their employees, however, it could turn out to be a problem if their employers decide to pay the [rather minimal] fine and leave their employees to pick up their own insurance through the exchange[s].

confession: i have not looked at the small business part of it since shortly after hr3200 came out, so i don't what might have changed with hr3962 and the new senate bill.

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and generally too busy running my small business to have the time to read how it will affect small businesses.

Is there a goto blog for that? (Beyond this one?)