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Iran using suspicious material: our shtick!

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Per "Charles Vick, a senior technical analyst at, a Virginia-based think tank on international security issues" on an Iranian missle test:

"What it says is, 'Yeah, Mr. Obama, we will talk with you, but we are not changing our direction,' " he said.

"One way of looking at it is, they are trying to dictate to the world and make everybody kowtow to them."

Can you imagine a country operating like that!

Walter Russell Mead, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, said missile launches will make it harder for Obama to get support for diplomatic engagement.

"I think he can certainly hold the course until after the Iranian election, but if we are still seeing provocations this fall and there is not much sign of a positive Iranian response . . . then Obama has to start thinking: What is plan B?" said Mead.

"If Iran is just pinging one provocation after another at Obama, there is a certain point where restraint starts looking like weakness."

Even if it turns out to be another "dumb war," eventually it will succeed "beyond our wildest dreams," it will be an "extraordinary achievement," and of course our troops' "sacrifices are never wasted." What are we waiting for?

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Submitted by koshembos on

Many so called experts equate the Iran nuclear ambition to the Israeli bomb. That's a totally wrong view. If England and France have a nuclear bomb why should the Iranian be prohibited from having one? How about Pakistan?

Not being a supporter of Iran or its attempts to get to a nuclear bomb, one nevertheless cannot decide that some countries are more equal than others. If anything, a wider nuclear disarmament should a better approach to stopping Iran. Obama doesn't necessarily sees the connection between France and Iran.

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Submitted by Sarah on

that we already know about, hence the flap a few weeks back over the Taliban's resurgence and the need to ensure those don't fall into the wrong (Islamic fundamentalist?) hands should Afghanistan/Pakistan go (further) down the tubes.

So that's a moot question.

The Israelis put paid to a nuclear plant somewhere in their vicinity (Osirak?) several years ago via the sort of thing Reagan tried against Qaddafi. Maybe it's time we just accepted that the Israelis, being a smaller, more tightly-knit and universally-experienced nation who live in the middle of real terrorist attacks all the time, rather than being inundated by the faux-alarmism of WASP America's media moguls and their favored cults, are better at this sort of thing than we are.

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Submitted by Damon on

What better economic stimulus than another war. With Iraq secured and safe we could recycle some of our current war wastes. I think we're waiting for Bibi to get settled in and a run a few more war game and then we'll be set. Don't worry, Vast; it'll come.