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Krugman optimistic on health care reform

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All praise to Obama... whatever the plan is!

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The senate under Harry Reid has a history of being hamstrung by the minority. He continually allows himself to be played by the rules of the Senate rather than using them to accomplish Democratic goals (unless it's for something odious like FISA or denying a Democratic hold on a bill). IMHO, he uses that to duck responsibility for getting nothing done and to prevent legislation which would piss off lobbyists and campaign contributors. This way the oligarchy is happy and the voters can be pacified with a shoulder shrug 'Oh we couldn't get bipartisan support. Those naughty Republicans. Poor me, what can I do?'

Good on Obama for sending his squad to twist Reid's arm into doing the right thing on health care. At least something has a chance to get passed with 50 votes. If not for this, any legislation which even started to challenge the status quo would be doomed.

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It's in the fundamentals of the plan being proposed... whatever that may be.

We start with HR676 being taken off the table, to the "private option," to "maybe not a private option," with Big Insurance extremely well-situated to call the tune.

So, wake me when we find out what kind of plan is going to be fought for, and let's see if it isn't shitty "compromise" snatched from the jaws of proper governance.

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Sure, the kabuki of this may be a good thing for the presidents and the Dems, but until we find out more, that's all that good about this.