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Obama to take the train from Philadelphia to Washington

Like Lincoln!!!!!!

Please, can we just stop with the Lincoln stuff? Please? It's embarassing.

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trying to emulate Lincoln or royalty.

Hey Obama team! Just in case you haven't been paying attention while on vacation in Hawaii, staying in your $9,000,000,000 villa, people are losing their homes, jobs and savings.

Just get the hell to work and forget the silly frills.

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$9,000,000. So big a number I got a little anxious! heh

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10 extravagant Inauguration Balls while the real DC residents slip further into poverty and despair.

Metro transportation will be shut down accordingly as they move from party to party, leaving the ordinary citizen trapped in the cold waiting for any form of transportation. They have actually asked the handicapped to stay home.

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WASHINGTON -- The after-parties following the inaugural ceremonies on Jan. 20 could become a buzzkill for Metro riders.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has yet to release all the details on the inaugural balls, but there are dozens of official and non-official events that will take place across the District after the swearing-in ceremony.

That means when President-elect Barack Obama moves around, various Metro stations could close down for a period of time.

"If the president-elect attends a ball near a Metro station, it could shut down that station," says Metro spokesperson Steven Taubenkibel. "We don't have the menu for the inaugural balls yet."

The full list of inaugural balls is expected to be announced in the coming weeks, but early reports from Tourism D.C. include: Elvis Costello at The Creative Coalition's Ball at the Harman Center and Cyndi Lauper and Melissa Ethridge in attendance at the HRC Ball at the Mayflower.

During the last inauguration, President Bush's movement necessitated the closing of the Mt. Vernon Square and Judiciary Square Metro Stations.

Most inaugural balls are expected to get underway between 7-8 p.m. on Jan. 20.

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I'm waiting with intense anticipation!

Again: this coupled with him taking the oath on the Lincoln bible amid the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth is definitely not helping in lowering expectations. Also: as Krugman noted, he needs to be seen as a man of the people and comparing yourself to great historical icons isn't smart. And he also agrees with the other comments here when he says:

And surely I wasn’t the only person who winced at reports about the luxurious beach house the Obamas have rented, not because there’s anything wrong with the first family-elect having a nice vacation, but because symbolism matters, and these weren’t the images we should be seeing when millions of Americans are terrified about their finances.

Let me add an international angle to this, particularly as these past few days we have been witness to the horrors in Gaza. When there are images like these, there should not be on the very same day images like these.* The man looks emotionally clueless. Just like someone else we know. You would think that after bodysurfing for the cameras during the Georgian crisis, someone would have told him to not to do that anymore.

*They were both taken on Monday the 29th so the HuffPo link date is wrong.

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It is poltical rock star. So all his grandiose gestures don't bother the American idol viewers one bit. And what is his "musical" talent? If I point it out, I'll be called a racist.

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was only given the nomination after some ballot box stuffing by the Chicago Mayor at the time, so....

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he may want to rethink as Pinkerton thwarted a plot to assassinate Lincoln in Baltimore on his train trip. Not exactly what I'd like to replicate.