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Gates is fine, Hillary not-so-much

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Bob Gates is a good soldier, but that Clinton woman, well....

Clinton, if anything, is more problematic than Gates and potentially the most trouble of all simply because there's little doubt that Gates knows how to subordinate himself to his President's overall direction while still keeping his own end of policy debates respectfully strenuous. Hillary...well, we'll see.

She's a threat to... what?

Tear her party apart? Give the pres the Vince Foster/RFK treatment? Periodically when she’s feeling down, launches nuclear attacks on Iran?

Zombie memes die hard, even after Hillary delivered a speech for the ages on Obama's behalf at the convention and worked tirelessly to convince anyone who would listen to her to support the Democratic nominee, following a primary run he likened to the Bataan Death March.

No matter that. CDS, like a diamond, is forever.

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Submitted by Davidson on

That's been the message throughout these past two years, and it grew to screeches of sheer hysteria from February onward: Hillary is disobeying her (male) masters, she is committing pure treason! That's what all this talk about Hillary being "subordinate" to Barack, being "put on a leash" is about. We've had transitions before and rarely has there been such apprehension over "subordination."

Meanwhile, Colin Powell, I hear, is back in the good graces of "progressives" for his support of Obama. Let's all forget about that whole UN debacle shall we? Yes, let's. We have witches to burn.

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Submitted by Damon on

If you think they're flogging her, now, wait 'till she gets the job. All the while, this president will be in the background (as usual) smiling in her face but doing nothing to make her job, which will be making his case, internationally, any easier. How she puts up with this blows my mind. This isn't healthy for anyone.

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Submitted by a little night ... on

the sexism is so blatant and obvious, that people see it for what it is. (And away from the Village, HRC is not seen as a monster, believe it or not!)

"subordinate" this!

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Submitted by Damon on

...the sexism is so blatant and obvious, that people see it for what it is.

Yeah, kind of like how the public saw it for the two years of the presidential campaign. Oh, wait....

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Submitted by Andre on

realizes that sometimes there is a requirement to serve for a weaker person. That strong person's personal integrity necessitates that she/he serve with everything she/he has. My admiration for HRC only grows with everything she does, while Obama, not so much, though choosing HRC for SOS was a positive step. HRC's integrity will always be visible to those who recognize it, and who gives a rat's ass about those who don't, like some of our so-called pundits.

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Submitted by Card-carrying_B... on

Why can't she shut up and BE subordinate, like a good little girl? Why?

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Submitted by vastleft on

maybe he was the first female president. After all, his wife has frequently been called a lesbian, there's the ever-present fear he just won't do what he's told, and an upskirt-like fetish industry fixates on his naughty bits.