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Commander-in-Chef Obama To Serve Boiled Frogs or Lame Duck?


“Wasn’t that awful what happened to Jill Stein?”

It was the first thing I said to my coworker through the wall of our adjoining cubes when I got back to work on Friday night. R___’s a trusted friend and an avid daily reader and watcher and listener of current events, including what I used to consider the “hard stuff”, like the NYT, Atlantic, New Yorker, NewsHour, NPR, etc. I’ll bring up a news tidbit, R__ can not only be counted on to have heard about it, but to fill in the details for me.

R____ is also extremely respectful to me as a Green Party advocate. He is one of my very few coworkers who wouldn’t respond to my question with, “Who the hell is Jill Stein?” Instead, he responded:

“Why? What happened to Jill Stein?”


It had been three whole days since Dr. Stein and her Green Party running mate for Vice President Cheri Honkala had been plastic-cuffed to metal chairs for eight hours in a make-shift detention facility for daring to protest not being given access to the Hofstra presidential debate on Tuesday night in Long Island, NY.

Dr. Stein and Ms. Honkala, who had been blockaded from moving by a bevy of Long Island cops (here’s link to video) suddenly sat down on a dormant street in protest and immediately were arrested and removed for obstructing non-existent traffic.

How would you feel getting a bogus traffic violation and being arrested, physically man-handled, locked up and chained to a chair for eight hours?

Okay, I admit it was no inadvertent traffic violation.

That manipulative Dr. Stein was committing an act of civil disobedience to publicize something she felt deserved publicizing. The fact that she and other third party candidates were not eligible to share their candidate platforms in a nationally televised debate just weeks before this crucial election.

Aha! NICE TRY FOR PUBLICITY, DR. STEIN!!! Remember when famous wannabes complain that “they can’t even get arrested?” You get arrested and can’t even get ANY publicity out of it. Second time, that I know about anyway, Dr. Stein! You got arrested for protesting illegitimate home foreclosures a few months ago. I’m guessing R___ didn’t hear about that one, either.

Of course. How would R__ possibly find out anything about what is going on with the Green or other third parties since the corporate media would sooner bring up the name of “Rumplestiltskin” than one of the non-legacy candidates, particularly Dr. Jill Stein (who whupped Romney’s ass in the MA governor debate in 2002) or the name of the equally courageous Cheri Honkala.

Incidentally, the names “Jill Stein” as an option for our next President of the United States and “Cheri Honkala” for Vice President will be appearing on 85% of the US ballots in November, giving them the CAPACITY -- electorally speaking (no small feat) -- to win the national election. Again, clearing that “eligibility” bar with a mafia-tentacled corporatist aristocracy served by mainstream media and both War/Money parties is near miraculous in itself. But, let’s face it, after getting so close, how many tens of thousands of American voters upon reading those names on their ballots will be asking, “Who the hell are they?”

Stein’s presence in the debate would have changed that scenario. Stein makes a dazzling first impression. Her smarts, her grace, her capacity for empathy, her pro-active, detailed -- not pie in the sky rhetorically vague -- PLANS for recovery. Stein doesn’t play the political lying game. She is a citizen-candidate of integrity, commitment and resourcefulness.

Hmmmm. Consider what would happen if one of the other legitimate presidential candidates, like, oh, maybe Gov. Romney had been roughed up and cuffed to a metal chair for eight hours under the Obama administration’s police force? Oh what a brouhaha that would have been. What outrage and national furor.

So what’s the difference between a Stein and a Romney being mistreated this week? His cronies are politically and financially super-powerful to punish via media and even law enforcement for the arbitrarily harsh and amoral treatment meted out to Stein and Honkala.

This is the hallmark of a country of profound double-standards -- have nots vs. haves, 1%ers vs. 99%ers. Democracy, rights, respectful treatment are extended to the rich, not the non-elites. The lower you drop on the totem, the rougher it gets.

Oh, my friend R____ added one more comment after my Dr. Stein anecdote. He said,

“America sure sounds like a banana republic! Worse than!”

All those years of watching sham elections in struggling third world countries. Sham Elections R Us!

You know, I am a fool. Not for the reasons I am sure some of my cyber peers consider me a fool, and assuredly some of their reasons are valid. Not a fool for trying the entire duration of Obama’s term on calling out his administration on anti-citizen and anti-human-beings-in-general welfare, anti-constitutional and anti-moral behavior.

But I am a fool because I continue to keep on assuming as things become more and more surreally unjust and amoral that MOST people will suddenly, seriously GET IT one fine day, like why not today, and become OUTRAGED as citizens. They will acknowledge we have hit a profound bottom. People will connect some of the millions of amoral dots and see the criminal abuse other Americans or non-Americans are enduring at the hands of our tragically corporate-captured police and war criminal state. They will grasp that that matters to all of us and we must rally against it on behalf of ourselves, our fellow human beings, our planet and our descendants!

This optimistic theory has been explained using the “100 monkeys” metaphor. When the hundredth monkey gets something, then that truth will spread immediately through the ENTIRE monkey nation. We are so not there still. I wonder what monkey we are actually up to? Some days it feels like we are “devolving” to less than monkeys, sigh.

What happened to Jill Stein goes beyond cronyistic “gamesmanship” advantage for lesser-evil-than-Romney Obama.

I am not saying many of my Obama-voting peers wanted Jill Stein to be gratuitously and cruelly plastic-cuffed to a chair for eight hours. I know that is not true. They are capable of great compassion and have exhibited it over and over on websites.

But enough to get seriously excited about Stein’s plight and relate it, let’s say, to their own and their country’s basic welfare? Well, that sadly seems asking too much.

Has the “ends justifies the means” modus operandus spread to Obama’s followers as well? Just as courage is contagious, so is pragmatic and expedient cowardice. Amoral opportunistic “ends justifies the means” deliberate apathy to be endured FOR THE TEAM .

ENDS JUSTIFIES THE MEANS! Welcome to Obama’s slippery slope of amorality. Ray McGovern refers to the Obama administration’s Compassion Deficit Disorder especially when it comes to a genocidal war policy. A Romney administration would fulfill the diagnosis as well. I’m thinking the disorder is spreading to the “we’ll take door #2 -- the lesser evil one, Drew. The price is uncomfortable but right enuf for us” short-term winning Obama backers.

Stein must be silenced for the greater good which is the lesser evil. Too bad at least part of her silencing was so creepily and roughly done to her, though, right? But, come on, libby, she needs to stay out of the picture so Obama can win.

And, again, come on, libby. It’s not like she was waterboarded or was made to strip nude “in case she was suicidal” as in Manning’s case. It was only eight hours. Not like years of solitary, like what is happening in our bulging national or privatized and all the more abusive prisons.

So, maybe she suffered a little nerve damage with those merciless plastic cuffs countless activists have complained of. Hell, she’s petite so her wrists were slimmer than most! I myself kept wondering about what happened if she or Honkala needed to go the bathroom, if that had been accommodated. Hoping she was not apprehended with an already full bladder. (I remember reading a moving passage by a Repub convention-protesting detainee -- a friend of a friend -- who desperately had to blow his nose when plastic-cuffed with arms behind. Finally, a very young fellow protester turned his back to the guy and offered, “Go ahead. Wipe your nose on the back of my shirt. I don’t mind. I’ve been there.” My friend’s friend was beyond grateful!)

Sometimes it's hearing about the little. human things that hit home with poignance and break through the fog of our desensitization.

Anyway, clearly Stein was asking for trouble and she got it. And, ha, ha. She didn’t even get much publicity for her trouble. Take that -- you spoiling entire Green party --- you. Chalk a victory for team Obama! I would call it another Pyrrhic victory, since morality, ethics and the constitution take a beating with every inappropriate and unchallenged behavior of an over-extending American police.

There is a lot of positive buzz right now about Obama. You see him being doted on on The View. Being humorously self-deprecating and/or snarky on Letterman. Handsome in his tux holding forth charmingly and wittily at benefits.

Gore Vidal once called us, “The United States of Amnesia.” How true that is.

In two weeks there will be the reckoning -- and more guaranteed wreck-ening -- no matter whom we get as president, Romney or Obama.

There is little mention these days of the 4-year assembly line of Obama betrayals. Not small ones. Telecom. Gitmo. Gazan War. Torture. Habeas corpus. Health industry profits over patients. School privatization. Auto-workers wages slashed. Goldman Sachs and rest of Wall Street immunity. Whistleblower indictments. Droning. More droning. Libya. Syria. Yemen. Somalia. Pakistan. Afghanistan. Iraq. Iran sanctions. IRAN WAR PREP. Israeli-war mongering. Climate change. Manning. Assange. Prison Privatization. Assassination. Deportations. Hydrofracking. BP immunity. The list could go on.

But the advice this month re Obama is “Shhhhhhhh!!!!!” Obama’s colossal flip flopping betrayals are kept as silent as, well, Dr. Stein’s EXISTENCE.

So that above is what the list of the lesser evil one looks like. Imagine what Romney’s list will look like? I imagine as much like Obama’s as Obama’s resembled Bush’s.

But this week, fool that I am, some part of me trusted that people would be outraged about the treatment of Stein, maybe not as outraged as me, but outraged. Maybe it wouldn’t be a catalytic event, but it would make at least a blip on the media screen (nope) and a tug at the conscience of fellow “voters” (doesn’t seem to have) whether they were intending to vote for Obama or Romney or Gary Johnson, or whomever.

What happened to Dr. Stein sucks.


So much for a free country. I guess we can address that AFTER Obama gets elected because things are so dire we can’t support constitutional rights until we get the Democratic leader back in power again. AGAIN? Oh right. A Democratic watch already! A Democratic guiding the Department of Justice. At the national bully pulpit so to speak. But, it’s all about the Republican meanies who obstructed him at EVERY turn says the crony buzz. Poor, hapless Obama who did his level best. Hell, even Bruce Springsteen is apologizing for him now.

One of these terms we will be able to get serious about fostering “good” just as soon as we can afford to stop morally compromising for and enabling “lesser evil” against “evil.”

Stein’s mistreatment was either under Obama’s nose or even at his active behest but just stick that way in the background for now! In the spirit of short-term, pragmatic and necessary politically expedient gamesmanship.

In two weeks will be the election.

For almost four years I have been working hard to expose the lies and the anti-citizen policies and actions of our PRESENT administration. It wasn’t all that hard. I just didn’t turn to the corporate media-propaganda sources.

The rabid rat bastard Republicans I sometimes brought up but I figured Rachel Maddow et al. were taking good care of exposing their outrages or their wanna-do outrages.

I’ve been interested more, to anyone even reading my headlines, as exposing the Democratic outrages going on under our noses. There were and still are PLENTY

I remember how a massive number of citizens appreciated how trustworthy Oprah along with her comrades in the CORPORATE WORLD AND MEDIA vetted Obama. I joined 70 million others that exhaled collectively and prayerfully that we had seen the last of Bush and Cheney EVIL EVIL EVIL policies. Relieved that we would turn away from wars. Relieved that we ordinary Americans would have an administration capable of empathy and effective leadership to help us weather the economic crisis perpetrated on us by the “robber class” as Cindy Sheehan calls it.


I’ll shut up in a minute.

I am sitting here with a bunch of printouts of non-mainstream articles on my lap as I usually am the end of most nights. Trying to choose among so many fresh hells of injustice and amorality what topic to blog about this week. Hoping that my homework on this one will reach more than the proverbial choir, though God, I need to hear from them for my morale’s sake, as well as me wanting to validate their efforts.

Anyway, just a few words on this random group of printouts. Maybe just one or two.

I have an article by Bill Van Auken from wsws entitled “Obama prepares protracted Afghanistan occupation”. Mr. Van Auken’s asserts that despite Obama’s and Biden’s declarations that the Afghan War will be over in 2014 it is a BIG LIE. Tens of thousands of soldiers will stay in Afghanistan for at least a decade after 2014. German intelligence spilled Obama’s truth beans to Der Spiegel. (Americans are the last to know American military reality.) A total of 35,000 troops, mostly Green Berets and special ops, will be there at a given time at least over the next decade. You know, the guys that terrorize with their counterinsurgency operations. Hunting down and killing “insurgents” -- citizens of a country who have issues with the occupation by foreign countries or who have issues with the CORRUPT AND OPPRESSIVE (as in torturing and killing) PUPPET GOVERNMENT serving the interlopers and not them.

Van Auken claims that the attrition rate each year of the Afghanistan forces we are training is 1/3. Also there are demoralizing and deadly so-called green on blue killings. Afghan soldiers turning on their US mentors. 50 deaths of our poor troops so far this year. As Obama takes an election bow for planning to end (NOT) the War in Afghanistan.

But don’t worry. The CIA, Van Auken assures us, is demanding another 10 drones for its fleet of 35. Petraeus and his agency can use them for smacking down trouble strategically and surgically (NOT) not only in Afghanistan, but Yemen or Somalia or well, Libya’s gotta be punished, and soon if not already Syria -- and then we just gotta rout Al Qaeda out of Northern Africa. Al Qaeda always hangs out near vital militarily strategic regions or regions with vast natural resources dontchaknow.

Apparently there have been 336 drone strikes against Pakistan, most of them under Obama’s command. 2,300 deaths counted by the Pakistan government officially. The Pakistani Prime Minister reports 80% of the deaths were “collateral damage”. In human vocabulary, they were INNOCENT men, women and children. “Bug splats” in drone-speak. But according to Obama’s “Compassion Deficit Disorder” that ratio is totally worth the carnage to get those “war on terrorism” terrorists.

We, of course, are not the terrorists. Even though we continue to brutally terrorize and devastate foreign countries in the name of national security. Which inspires massive hatred of us which does threaten our national security. So, it all fits together diabolically.

Van Auken estimates that between 2/3 to 3/4 of this country is against the continuation of the War in Afghanistan. So of course Obama has to promise to bring it to a close. 2014 will help him bide his time and his lie. Not necessarily to actually do it by then. The pledged goal is necessary to sell the lie.

Just one more article, domestic this time.

Patrick Martin also of wsws has an article entitled, “Wall Street Issues Its Orders to Obama, Romney”. Apparently a letter from a powerful group of banksters a/k/a The Financial Services Forum to the President and Congress is urging (demanding) that Congress and the administration get serious to slash the federal deficit.

Let me quote Martin directly here:

The letter was signed by 15 CEOs of banks, brokerages and insurance companies and by the head of the Financial Services Forum, the industry lobby. Among the signatories are Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Chase; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs; Michael Corbat, the newly installed CEO of Citibank; John Stumpf, CEO of Wells Fargo; and Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America.

In other words, it was a manifesto by the financial criminals who caused the 2008 crash and the four years of mass unemployment and social misery that have followed, the heads of institutions that received trillions of dollars in federal support during the bank bailout, pressing their demand that no such support should be available to tens of millions of working people and retirees.

The “fiscal cliff” is media jargon for a series of tax and fiscal measures now scheduled to take place automatically on or just after January 1. ...

The demands would let the Bush tax cuts expire, which would also raise taxes on low and middle income families as well as the wealthy, the expiration of the payroll tax cut which would increase taxes on every worker 3.1%, the expiration of extended unemployment benefits adopted after the slump of 2008, etc. (Obama and Congress by the way have made no move to extend unemployment benefits, despite the horrifying statistics of LONG-TERM unemployed Americans.)

Martin writes:

“Instead of seeking to avert the mass suffering that such a cutoff will produce, both parties seek to use the supposed fiscal emergency as a battering ram against popular opposition to cuts in Social Security and Medicare—a position that is completely in line with the demands of Wall Street.”

Sorry to go on so long in this blog. You know I could go on seemingly forever with non-censored information still accessible to us via the internet. How long that portal will stay open your guess may be more optimistic than mine.

Two weeks to go. When we will be massively endorsing heading our government in the continuing wrong direction. Then a whole future before us, our planet, our global family and our descendants. As far as Obama voters go, this time with eyes "pragmatically" wide open not punked, they will endorse “lesser evilism”.

As we all continue to experience the ever-hardening of soft fascism. But, it's often subtle and unnoticeable as the proverbial boiling of ignorant, hapless frogs.

Just one more thing. An old memory came to me last night. There was a guest lecturer in college for my basic psychology course. I remember the young, blonde psychologist resembled Tommy Smothers in looks and drollness. He did an exercise/experiment with our two-hour class. (I also remember the experience giving me a tremendous headache by the end.)

He divided us into two groups. He told us we were going to huddle with our "teams" and then “negotiate” with the other "team" The upshot was that if both groups negotiated for declared “sharing” both groups would earn for themselves $500,000. If one group pretended to negotiate for sharing but had declared in writing beforehand “not sharing” and was bluffing and the other group trusted to go for mutual “sharing” the “sharing” trusting group got NADA and the “not sharing” group got $1 million. If both groups opted for “not sharing” but tried to bluff the other NO ONE GOT ANYTHING.

Most of my college sisters overwhelming opted for bluffing and NOT sharing. You can imagine what fool-in-the-minority libby was preaching.

I asked the visiting professor if he had come across an occasion when both groups ever won the million dollars. WIN/WIN. He shook his head sadly then looked up and smiled. “But I’m still looking!”

So am I.

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Submitted by coyotecreek on

...going on for so long, Libby. Thank you for reminding me that others think/feel as I do.

Submitted by YesMaybe on

I saw this article over at Mother Jones (which has its share of Obama apologists, but which I don't consider to be with The Nation in the category of democrat-press):

Actually, I couldn't get through it today, it was too depressing and outrageous even for me. I'll come back to it.

Good job on this piece.

Alexa's picture
Submitted by Alexa on

or at least you do for me and Mr. Alexa. And we can't thank you enough--so please don't stop.

BTW, the Japanese proverb is spot on. One of the best "signatures" that I've seen.

Thanks again. Tweeted.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Alexa, thanks so much for the support. I have been stunned by so many whom I assumed had been leaving the bell jar re Obama's "lesser evilism" but, willful denial seems ferocious and their heels digging in these days all the harder. It is heartbreaking. Blogging on open salon has been breaking my heart lately with the numbers of self-described "progressives" who champion Obama or apologize for him constantly. There are those there outside bell jar but numbers who still are is saddening. The Obamacrats have circled the wagons and Obama once again the defaulted hero and messengers become more their enemy despite evidence of stunning and murderous amorality. And the magic box, tv, the faux-messengers of politics not humanity in the magic box keep the mass dysfunction limping on. They won't let Jill in that magic box and it really does show how CAPTURED we are as a society, but the magic box won't talk about the capture of course. So it is the opiate -- the plug in drug.

best, libby

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Submitted by goldberry on

I would be more than happy to vote for Jill Stein except SHE'S RUNNING ON THE GREEN PARTY TICKET!!!!

I cannot STAND the Greens. They make me want to hurt them. No, seriously. I won't go into all the reasons here but they are many, various and valid. I just can't stand them. I'd rather vote socialist.

So, if Jill Stein wants my vote, she's going to either significantly change the Greens or go to another party.

Other than that, I think it's reprehensible that she can't get more media attention.

DCblogger's picture
Submitted by DCblogger on

blog about him. Are there down ticket Justice Party candidates? blog about them. Nobody said you had to like the Green Party or Jill Stein.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Goldberry! thanks for commenting. would like to hear more about your Green experience.

I honor the code of the Greens and their international organization and its humanitarian and environmental precepts.

My activity has been way too inconsistent with the Greens in NYC. I figure blogging is activism but I know I need to do more and walk the walk more. The Green Party has been holding the lantern for us over the decades since its birth. When I registered with them from my lifelong Dem mode it really felt liberating!

You know, I love especially wsws website, the socialist equality party. The writings of their candidates also knock my socks off and the rest of the writers there. They are internationally hooked up clearly and the facts they supply with such mature big picture opinions are profound.

We need to begin to pull the anti-toxic-establishment groups together.

I think Stein can do wonders for the Greens and for AMERICA!!! I met her and was afraid she could not possibly live up to my high hopes and expectations of her already. My opinion of her went even higher!

Thanks for commenting.

best, libby

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Submitted by DCblogger on

in a society where the press is totally corrupt and self censorship is rampant, blogging is a very important form of activism. How many of us were drawn to blogging when we found we weren't the only ones who felt that our society was going crazy.

We should all be very proud of what we are doing here. No, we are not Freedom Riders, but our work is very important. Don't let anyone minimize the importance of it.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Yes, I agree. The blogging we do is leaking, rippling, sometimes exploding information out there. I am astonished how skewed the information is pouring out of what I used to think were reliable sources like NewsHour or NPR or NYT. And the biggest horror and craven-ness is ignoring the existence of people and situations. Straight out of Fahrenheit 451! The Wall Screen defines reality. I swear we really have to occupy the teebee, but getting between people and their plug in drug, even to analyze what it is doing, is a biggie!!!

Correntewire is a precious site in terms of not being dominated by the "pragmatics" for "lesser evilism." We keep having the same fight with those progressives. Universal healthcare with the pragmatic incrementalists. Now this with the pragmatics for lesser evil.

We live in an anti-feeler hyper-macho yang culture. Paradigm shift is tough with that macho recklessness. Dems on MSNBC so proud Obama is not soft on terror. Then faux-progressives accuse me of setting up a Pyrrhic victory pushing for Stein. They are supporting someone trying to out-Republican the WORST of the Republicans! PYRRHIC VICTORY!!!! We had to destroy the Dem Party in order to save it. Geeeessshhhhhh.

Al Jazeera article on third parties.

"All of these things (healthcare, job creation, downsizing the military) are things that the American public is clamouring for and this is exactly why the Democrat and Republican parties feel they must control the microphone because the American public is already there. If they learn that they actually have a candidate that supports these solutions that people desperately need right now – all bets are off of what that impact might be on this election and beyond this election."

Jill Stein, Green Party

best, libby

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Submitted by MsExPat on

Just ended another 30-post argument on Facebook, with people in the Bell Jar. And what provoked this avalanche of comments? A simple link from Jill Stein's Salon interview, and my comment "I really admire this woman".

One of my respondents said, "I love and respect you, but you are delusional." I responded, "Same here, but you are the one who is suffering from delusion and denial...."

I was also accused of the horrible sin of "Purity", to which I responded: "I'm not a purist, I'm a pragmatist. The two party system is so broken that the only way to take back democracy is to build another base of power. That's not purity, that's politics."

What is particularly depressing is that my interlocutors were marching with me against LBJ and Nixon during the Vietnam War. I asked them: Why are you giving Obama a pass for the same type of actions you found morally indefensible in the 1970s?"

I share all this only to give you 1) a sense of the depth of the denial going on and 2) some possible answers to the questions/comments you are going to get from the Bell Jar people. Not that responding will make much difference.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Good for you posting Stein. Articles about her are so few and far between (such an understatement) and we are at the eleventh hour of an election where she has come so close and yet thanks to the insane degree of cronyism over conscience and the TOTAL blackout of her on the television most people do not even know we have an antidote to what ails America and consequentially the rest of the world.

I grew up in an alcoholic family system, and denial and minimization of the alanon dimension was as disfiguring to me as a human being and traumatizing as the alcoholic dimension. It seems cruel that after all the struggle to begin to recover from a childhood dysfunctional system I am smack in the middle of a country that is so profoundly, tragically sociopathic, dysfunctional in the same ferocious ways. Stockholm syndrome, learned helpless, ... I so understand the Good Germans of the 30s and 40s now.

The ripples of courage and enlightenment will resonate. But the challenge is formidable and heart-breaking.

Thanks for sharing. We need to validate the sanity and courage of each other.

best, libby

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Submitted by MsExPat on

The problem is class, pure and simple. A big chunk of the progressives and liberals (in my generation at least) have made money and are comfortable. They will support the status quo, especially if it is candy-coated in the faux liberalism of an Obama.

Submitted by cg.eye on

... especially since, as I recall, it was used by Betty Grable to describe how she felt when 20th Century Fox handed over their studio bombshell designation to Marilyn Monroe. She used it to mean her time had past, and Miss Monroe was welcome to try her best, with all the pains and prizes implied.

Both broads suffered under a sexist and brutal system, as did any gal who casting-couch surfed back then, and they were grateful to get what they got. That phrase, in that context, implies solidarity, not isolation and two-tier accomplishments.

The phrase "I've got mine, Jack!" fits better, no?

Submitted by lambert on

It's extremely frustrating and class warfare-ish. I've heard it from several Obama supporters, all of them doing well at the professional level and the corallary is never that care should be universal. Just vote for Obama. Period.

Thee's an old joke about the Russian peasant who's granted one wish by a genie. He wishes for his neighbor's cow to die. Well, I don't want to be like that peasant. On the other hand the solution I advocate helps everybody equally (including, I grant me). The other solution doesn't help everybody equally (and very much not including me and people like me).

So I'm not sure what rhetorical stance to take, but fuck the Democrats for setting up a conflicted situation where solidarity is not a virtue.

"I'm happy you're in the lifeboat [sinks]!"

Submitted by cg.eye on

It's time to strap on the rhetorical six-guns.

That's who I learned it from, on TCM (and he should know, having interviewed her --) also propagated via Wikipedia:

Grable's last mainstream success for Fox was in How to Marry a Millionaire (1953), with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. Some thought Grable and Monroe wouldn't get along, believing Grable was angered that Monroe had replaced her in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. However, Grable and Monroe got along extremely well. Grable was quoted as saying (to Monroe): "Go and get yours honey! I've had mine!" The picture had unusual billing: Grable was first in the film credits, Monroe first in the advertising.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Yes. I think you have touched on something profound.

Wsws has such fantastic articles and they focus on the global attack on the international working class. The bankster mafia cartel is certainly organized internationally. I think we need a citizens without borders identity and find hope and help with each other, too.

of course, thanks to media and propaganda the word "socialism" is as repellent to too many Americans as "communism" was to our parents'.

I was not one from my generation who "financially made it." And my Dad was a mailman. A blue collar worker and I got a real sensibility of that blue collar identity from him and the exploitation of that class by the upper one and being at the bottom rung of corporate America for so many years I know it myself up close and personal. (I taught school for eight years before that and relate to those challenges in that career, too!)

I do not have the "luxury" challenge of being in a secure upper middle class mode to fight myopia about those suffering in the US and internationally because of the double standards, the 2 Americas as John Edwards defined us as being. I know which America I dwell in, and am lucky I have a roof and food and job for the moment! But the Damocles sword hangs over more and more of us.

Yes the 99% and the 1%, but maybe we should also underline the TWO Americas. maybe 20% vs. 80%? The 80/20 rule. The Pareto principle. 80% of the people have 20% of the wealth. (though it is probably less now) 20% of the people have 80% of the power (though probably fewer now have more power).

Take care!

best, libby

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Submitted by NWLuna on

Why are you giving Obama a pass for the same type of actions you found morally indefensible in the 1970s?

No wonder they have no answer but to call the questioner "delusional."

Submitted by YesMaybe on

It goes something like "I'm not giving Obama a pass. In fact, I don't even support him. But I am going to vote for him and maybe donate to his campaign, because I don't want Romney to win. And I can't understand why you don't agree with me. Didn't you learn anything from Nader having put Bush in office?"

At which point (or hopefully earlier) I give up.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

Whatever you say you will be YES-BUTTED by the lesser evilist that Romney will be worse. And poor Nader. If anyone on the planet has the right to say "I told you so!" it is Nader but he is still being scapegoated for a Dem Party that rotted out from the core!

best, libby

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I think the reply to these kinds of discussion is that it is not 2000 anymore. The situation has deteriorated since then. That is partly why I wrote the post Democrats and the left.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

"US Voters: Not Spoilt For Choice

"While they may be running for the presidency of the US, most Americans would not recognise many of the so-called third party candidates representing the Libertarian and Green Parties running in this year's presidential election.

"Routinely ignored by both of the two dominant parties and the US media, they nevertheless appear on enough ballots to win - in theory - the all-important 270 electoral college votes needed to become president.

"And there are many more presidential candidates who also appear on many ballots around the US.

"However, in the country that is often claimed to be the greatest democracy in the world, they are all excluded from all of the televised presidential debates.

"This week, Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, along with her running mate, Cheri Honkala, were arrested while protesting their exclusion outside Hofstra University - the location of the second debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

"It has become clear over the course of the election campaign that from the deficit to foreign policy, Obama and Romney share the same fundamental ideological framework. So, what sort of choice are US voters being given as they vote in November?

"The Commission on Presidential Debates has established three conditions that determine who gets to participate in debates.

"First, the candidate must be constitutionally eligible - at least 35 years old, a natural born citizen and a 14-year US resident.

"Then there is ballot access: The candidate's name must appear on enough state ballots to have a chance at the presidency.

"The Libertarian party's candidate Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in 48 states as well as the district of Columbia, all but Oklahoma and Michigan

"The Green Party candidate, Jill Stein is on the ballot in 37 states and DC

"The Constitution Party's Virgil Goode is on the ballot in 26 states and DC

"Rocky Anderson of the Justice Party is on the ballot in 15 states and DC.

"Finally, there is electoral support: the candidate must show that he or she can garner at least 15 per cent of the electorate. According to the CPD, this is determined by an average of five national organisations, using data obtained near the time of the debate.

"A poll conducted at the beginning of this year, found that:

"Nearly half of Americans believe it is time for the creation of a major third party

"68 per cent of those surveyed said they would definitely vote for or consider voting for a third party candidate that they agreed with on most issues

"Only 28 per cent said they definitely would not consider voting for a third party candidate"

"All of these things (healthcare, job creation, downsizing the military) are things that the American public is clamouring for and this is exactly why the Democrat and Republican parties feel they must control the microphone because the American public is already there. If they learn that they actually have a candidate that supports these solutions that people desperately need right now – all bets are off of what that impact might be on this election and beyond this election."
Jill Stein

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Isn't it interesting that we can get this rather basic and then statistical info from Al Jazeera. Sigh. Only "not in America" is reality and information available about America. WTF??? NewsHour won't talk about it, NYT, NPR, MSNBC, et al.

The Great American Ethical Freakshow continues!

best, libby

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If anyone says you should vote for Obama, you should tell them that Obama doesn't want your vote. If he had wanted your vote, he would have represented your views. He didn't do this, and so clearly he did not want your vote. Why should you vote for someone who doesn't want your vote? [And then just look at them like they are from outer space.]