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Coming attractions: Congressional hearing on the Massachusetts health care deform

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National Lessons from State Health Reform: The Mass. Case
Watch the Hearing Live, Right Here, on Thursday, Feb. 25 from 2-4pm

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Submitted by regulararmyfool on

Universal health care is real simple.

Toss everyone that pays taxes names into a big barrel. Then draw twenty names at total random.

Then choose which ten countries have the longest life expectancy.

Then send the twenty selectors to all of the countries with long life.

Then have them decide which country has the best plan.

Then copy it exactly.

Do not reinvent the wheel. The problem has been solved.

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I just received an email from HCAN't asking me to thank the Senate Fiance committee and sending me link to a web form that supposedley allows you to do that. Except, if you know anything about capitol hill email, you know that it is designed to bounce any email that does not originate from the Senators state, so unless one of those Senators is your senator, the email will be bounced.

But in the mean time HCAN't will be able to harvest all your information. This is the disdain with which Versailles regards the rest of us, we are just fools to be manipulated, stepping stones for their ambition, not fellow citizens to be treated w/ respect.