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Comfort food: syltede rødbeder (pickled beets)

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I just love pickled beets. It must be the 25% Skandinavian part of me! But the store-bought ones always strike me as too sugary and too salty. Beets (properly prepared) are sweet all on their own selves. And what could be more relaxing than spending an evening in the kitchen preparing these? Plus, you don't waste as much packaging.

Syltede rødbeder

Danish pickled beets

4 beets cooked (about 2 and 1/2- 3 cups sliced)

1 cup vinegar
1/2 cup water
1 tsp pickling spice
cinnamon stick

peel and slice beets thinly.[Note: they are easy to fix if you bake them in a medium oven for about 45 minutes to an hour, then allow to cool a bit: the peels come off very easily while they are still warm.] Bring vinegar, water, spices to a boil and pour over to cover. Allow to cool. Fills about a 1-quart jar.

I think this recipe originally came from here. Also, I almost never have pickling spice, so I throw in some whole coriander seed, whole black pepper, a bay leaf, and maybe some ajwain seed.

This is delicious with fish, of course, but my secret pleasure is to have them in a peanut butter sandwich on whole-grain rye bread. Yum!

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It was one of those "cupboard is bare" kind of days, when I was lunching on whatever I could find. But now one of my favorites.

I also usually bake the beets until they start to get soft, but that's personal preference. They don't have to be cooked at all: you can blanch them to get the peels off.

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Double the pickling liquid and add four whole hardboiled eggs, peeled and rinsed.

Best after one week of refridgerated storage, covered.