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Colorado business forum supports single payer

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Business people talk about health care at Glenwood Springs chamber-sponsored forum

Tuschhoff posed a series of key questions surrounding the issue, utilizing electronic devices for attendees at Thursday's forum to give their answers anonymously. Though the results were hardly a scientific polling of the local community, she said it's interesting that many of the responses were similar to those she's gotten at other events she has facilitated.

Asked if a single-payer system — essentially Medicare-style coverage extended to all citizens — is the solution, 52 percent of those at Thursday's forum agreed it is, while 26 percent were neutral and 22 percent disagreed with such a system.

the results were more polarizing.

Again, 52 percent agreed that a public option should be offered, while 39 percent said it should not and just 9 percent were neutral.

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When single-payer is properly explained anyone with an IQ that exceeds their age approves.

The only people who won't support single-payer are the truly stupid and those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

Those ideologically opposed I place with the truly stupid.

I was naive enough to think that if single-payer were debated in Congress that we might see induistry pitted against industry. Or, stating this another way, that every business group in the country would be in opposition to the health insurance industry and the finance industry. But when it's not even brought to the table ...