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Colbert King should be ashamed of himself

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Lives in D.C. as disrupted by violence as those in Iraq and Syria

The 9-year-old boy fighting for his life after being shot in the head last week wasn’t caught in the middle of a shootout between the Islamic State and Kurdish fighters. He was struck down in our nation’s capital, the result of an exchange of gunfire among men in a parking lot of the Mayfair Mansions apartments in Northeast.

There is, however, a striking similarity between what’s going on in this town and events in Iraq and Syria. The Mayfair Mansions shooters and their gun-wielding Islamic State counterparts have a kinship; they show utter disregard for the safety of innocent people. Different countries, same heartlessness.

No, there is no similarity whatsoever. None. None at all. I live in Capitol View. A year ago there was a double murder across the street from me. A friend of mine was robbed at gun point. I am acutely aware of the problem of crime in my community; but I am past tired of black-on-black crime being used to distract us from official misconduct, whether it be police brutality at home or our school-shooter foreign policy. Had we left Saddam Hussein in power Iraq would be a much better place to live. Had we let Arab Spring take its natural course, and not hijacked it, as we did in Libya and Syria, both places would be far more peaceful. One thing Capitol View and the middle east do have in common is the origin of the bullets: They both come from the USA.

I am disgusted by Colbert King's pretended concern for my community. If he were serious about doing something he would devote the considerable resources of a Washington Post columnist to reporting on the source of violence in my community: gun running. How do all these guns find their way to DC? A real reporter would ask that question.

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I love "school shooter foreign policy." That's about it.