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Cognitive Capture: Barry Eisler offers ways to recognize if YOU've been captured

"The Heart of Matter: You Will Be Assimilated" is the title of his post.

Eisler is actually looking at journalists, and Chris Hayes in particular because he told Glenn Greenwald he didn't really know how he could prevent himself from selling out without realizing it, from falling into "cognitive capture."

Actually, the suggestions on what to look for work for just about anyone in any job.

Via Commenter Jill @ 9:52AM, 8//12, at Naked Capitalism, in comments to post about Barofsky compared to admin mouthpieces and Mattie Yglesias.


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Thanks for posting this. Food for thought even for those of us who are not journalists.

I am appalled at how cheaply I am expected to sell myself out*, and even more appalled at how often the thought occurs to me that I would be better off if I did.

*As an educator, I don't even get invited to parties. The price is, basically, not getting fired or consigned to "irrelevance".