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If you read the Goldman Sachs elevator Twitter feed, or have seen the movie Inside Job, you know that a large part of our financial elite are coked up.

I think the best thing we could do is get a New York City prosecutor capable of enforcing the drug laws without class distinctions. Let our financial elite face the same draconian laws the poor have faced for decades. And let the general public see the full extent of the rot. A series of cocaine busts would disgrace the banksters in a way that financial fraud never will. After all, there is no way even pathetic flunkies like Mike Wiser and Martin Smith could spin drug busts.

Same goes for the political/lobbyist/celebrity press corps axis of hubris, we need a DC prosecutor capable of putting all the coke heads in the slammer.

How we are to bring this about I know not. But I am convinced it could be done.

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think that is a capital idea. Cheap pun intended.

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I wholeheartedly agree that they should be enforced evenly, given the current situation and applications of them.

However, as much as i hate banksters and politicians, i hate their draconian drug laws even more. (The banksters like those laws. The real money isn't made on the street, and that real money needs a good washing and to be brought into the white financial markets ... probably a pretty good commission on "no questions asked" investment clients.)

So what i really want to see is a civilized drug policy. I don't give a fuck if people want to snort cocaine. As long as they're not crashing their car into me or stealing my TV to buy some more it is none of my business. And it's none of yours either. Even in my scenarios, it's not the cocaine they should be punished for but the car crashing and larceny.

And i'd much rather see that civilized drug policy than busting bankers and politicians for coke. They should be busted for their actual wrong doings.

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Drug laws are a sub-set of laws claiming to be about sin. They are used to control workers and the powerless. Our elites need fear none of them, which is why the laws are allowed to be enacted in the first place. A long career, close enough to politicians and investment bankers to be familiar with the relationships, allows me to say with certainty that drugs, whores, Broadway plays, sporting event tickets, and a host of similar high priced inducements are routinely traded in deals where the public comes out the loser. This will not change in my lifetime. God help the prosecutor who decides to proceed against those Goldman Sachs overlords; her/his career would be over.