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CNN is Not Your Friend

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Shorter CNN:

If you're really lucky, Bush's vanity will force him to not destroy what's left of America.


Shorter format via busybusybusy who got said format idea from somewhere else, though I cannot recall any names.


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from one of our Brave Fighting Dems:

I'm OK with using any amount of pain to extract information from suspects, as long as we don't call it torture.

feh. that's almost the entire problem in the village right there.

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Bush's "legacy" if you can call it that is the foolish war that he rushed us into, and possibly the tax cut that he and the "do nothing" congress passed shortly after it began. It was the only tax cut ever passed during wartime, but what does this priviledged idiot know about fiscal responsibility? I believe that Bush Jr will go down in history as our worst president and if there is a cowards hall of fame, he should be in it!