If you have "no place to go," come here!

C'mon, Harry! Get wild!

Lieberman is a cancer. A metastasizing cancer:

Facing Senator Joseph I. Lieberman’s independent candidacy, Republican officials at the state and national level have made the extraordinary decision to abandon their official candidate, and some are actively working to help Mr. Lieberman win in November. Many leading Republicans say it would serve the party better to have a Centrist like Mr. Lieberman remain in office,

And much as we love Harry--thanks for saving Social Security--it's weird that Harry seems not to want to take a stand on this.

How does it help the Democrats to have a Centrist giving cover to everything Bush does?

NOTE OTOH, TPM says "multitask" on this one. After all, we don't have to obey when Rove shouts "Hey, rube!" do we? Even if what's happening inside the tent actually is amazing and appalling and disgusting...

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