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Clyburn attacked for Third Way roots

Ha. I remember Clyburn very well. He was one of the key movers on smearing the Clintons, and Clinton supporters, as racist. I hope he suffers greatly.


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that he has successfully defended eight times.

From Wikipedia:


See also: United States House of Representatives elections in South Carolina, 2008#District6 and United States House of Representatives elections in South Carolina, 2010#District6

Clyburn defeated the Republican candidate Nancy Harrelson by 68%-32%.[4]


Clyburn defeated the Republican candidate Jim Pratt, 65% to 34%.

But, lookie at this interesting tidbit:


Clyburn will face the Rev. Leon Witt, a Baptist minister and retired small businessman in the 2014 election. Witt is the first black Republican to run in South Carolina's black-majority district since 2000.

Now this dude could give him as run for his money, even though Clyburn's an ultra conservative himself-a DLC Dem (Third Way/New Dem/Neoliberal).

His own father was a fundamentalist minister--doesn't necessarily hurt a black candidate in a heavily Southern black voting district--many of his constituents are "cultural" conservatives.

But this would spell disaster for Dems in 2016 (Presidential race).

So, I could be wrong, but my "guess" is that Clyburn would be instrumental in helping to smooth over the wounds from 2008 in the black community in order to facilitate the GOTV efforts for any and all Dem candidates.

Remember, he is a old protegee of the Clintons from at least as far back as the founding of the DLC.

[I have seen him listed as one of the "Charter Members" of the DLC. And I've read that his constituents pressured him to formally withdraw--but haven't been able to substantiate this, yet. Guess it doesn't really matter, now.]

According to the national reporters that I hear M-F, the ONLY hope that Dems have to even break even in the House and Senate in 2014, is if Dems are able to turn around the usually lackluster turnout in the African American communities during midterm elections.

And, it may be that he didn't want to repudiate "The Third Way" because of FS Clinton's potential run.

Which is also true of other possible corporatist Dem candidates--O'Malley, Booker, Schweitzer--all members of the DLC, the forerunner of The Third Way.

When all is said and done--this entire "Warren Boomlet" is nothing but talk. At most, she would be a "stalking horse" for the corporatist Dem who will receive the Democratic Party nomination.

Just like Sanders and a handful of other so-called progressive lawmakers, Warren is handpicked [IMHO] to say what none of the hardcore DLC/Third Way/No Labels corporatist Dems would ever say! [Like the Senate Floor speech that I recently posted.]

That's all. It's simply intended to mollify or throw a bone to the handful of liberals left in the Party. No more than that. Hey, I think we've all seen this movie before, LOL!

I'll be posting more on the 2014 midterms after the Holidays. The national reporters are projecting a possible wave election.

Although they don't all agree which Party it will favor. Right now, the money is on the Repubs, but so much depends on whether or not the ACA can be salvaged before next November. That remains an unknown. As does the passage of an immigration reform bill. Not to mention other "whacks" at "mandatory spending" as a result of the debt ceiling "crisis" in February.

BTW, the background of some of the people who started this boomlet point to Warren possibly being just a stalking horse--intended to "help" the 2016 Dem nominee. But more on this later--got to hit the road, soon.

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Honestly, they are so bad. If it's a wave in their favor, it's in spite of them not because of them.

Meanwhile, I keep hearing that the Democrats want the South back -- I just got mail from Warren about the woman who filibustered the Texas lege, now running for governor. That would mean continued rightward moves. So yeah, maybe this is just a feint.

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