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Clusterfuck-alypse now!


Last night, I was talking to a guy who actually understands things like arbitrage, because he does them, and this is his scenario for the Middle East. It's the mother of all double-downs:

1. India takes out Pakistan (with nukes);

2. Israel takes out Iran (with nukes);

3. We take out North Korea (with nukes).

Sort of a Mideast ring of fire. No wonder Condi's voice is a little shaky.

After we take out North Korea, the South Koreans do lose Seoul. But the Chinese and the Japanese thank us, in their understated way.

And Hezbollah does go off the boil.

And we already did bet on India, what with that nuclear deal that trashed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, so everybody really does know this is coming, right?

Of course, in the ensuing blowback, we lose a city or two ourselves, but as I never tire of pointing out, cities are blue, so the criminal Bush regime doesn't protect them.

Not to rain fire on the Lamont parade, at all. It's important to get people who are at least sane into Washington, and Lamont strikes me as sane. Unlike the zombies in the Republican death cult.

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