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A lot of things are more or less a 'done deal' at this point; I'm not counting on environmental or economic conditions to be stable, let alone the political or cultural environment. So the imperative for me is about trying to reduce the chances of the "very, very bad" conclusion of this part of the cycle of American history. I've had enough of theocracy and government surveillance.

Xan noticed some signs. I have too.

I have been a pseudopaulite for a long time, and i’ll say it again: stop thinking about what his policies and opinions and legislation mean, when taken together. that is not the point.

i can’t say i’m well steeped in ron paul’s actual history. but i think i understand why he’s caught on this season. i really do, because i feel almost the exact same way as many of his supporters, with the obvious caveats.

as a progressive, of course i want to puke and gouge my eyes, as i consider the likely winner of the dem primary process. but imagine how much worse it would feel to be an honest republican or right-leaning independent!!! i’m spooging around the italics because i have so much pity for these people, i can hardly appreciate the sense of betrayal, confusion, and despair they must have.

it’s funny, i woke up thinking about (the mixed woman in) “Legends of the Fall,” which i guess is a book as well as a movie designed to sell clothes. if you don’t think about it too much, it’s sort of a great movie. if you do, you quickly realize that it is, from almost start to finish, one long recitation of pseudolibertarian conservatism with pretty people and horses. intellectually vapid, but romantically appealing. i think a lot of americans imagine themselves like the (male) characters in this film. they really want to believe that you can kill the indians, rape their women, steal their land, and when you retire in wealth and splendor to raise your children- the indians will love you for it. that’s the american conservative narrative ideal.

sorry, that’s too sardonic for the point i’m making. the paulites are people who feel betrayed, by the system, by history, by polliticians entrusted to care for a precious experiment with freedom. and they should, i do too. the fact that they have one (false) narrative to explain these feelings hardly matters to me. i have another, and i believe and can prove it’s more fact-based. either way, the conclusion remains the same. the system is heinously broken, it’s killing us Little People, and the only way to prove you understand that is to stand up against the prevailing media fable of “what America wants.” some folks are doing that with ron paul signs, some are blogging.

the vast majority of paul signs here are not “professional” grade. it’s very clear that many of them are placed by politically inexperienced supporters (cf I’ve seen a bunch on not-well traveled roads). i haven’t spent a lot of time at paulite sites, but i’m going to if he decides to make a third run after the media selects another republican for us. he’s been an independent candidate before, but this time around, it’s different. that i know for sure.

there’s no way i can support paul, not until he loses the whole ’wimmin need mindin’ schtick and drops the bible thumping moralism. but i think of his candidacy this year not as about his views, or the opinions of the electorate upon them. i think of it as the unthinking, underinformed reaction to killing pressures upon a populace denied self-expression. working people, religious people, and most importantly, young white people are coming to understand that the promises of our heritage will not apply in the next generation. that makes people angry, and it should.

for many, ron paul is the complicated problem in chemistry class that you get 80% right. sure, your conclusion is wrong, and you didn’t come up with the exact chemical formula that is the ultimate result of mixing two substances together and heating them. but you got most of the process right, and you understand the reaction at a basic level. our job is to correct that last hydrogen-oxygen bond of understanding, and show the paulites that together, we’re a vast majority who can command our own freedom and prosperity.

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A powerful narrative, CD, and, obviously, one I and a lot of bloggers on the left believe, though in a different way from the Paulites (I'll give the non-ideologues the respect of not calling them Paultards.

Glenn Greenwald is onto this, for which he catches a lot of shit from trolls and wannabe operatives, proving in my mind that he's totally right. So, in his own way, does Kos -- that's what primary challenges are all about.

I knew Paul was for real several months ago, when my family lawyer and I were shaking our heads over warrantless surveillance and the collapse of Constitutional government generally. And he said he was looking at Ron Paul ("this isn't the Republican Party I know")

The interesting thing is that on the Republican side there are two insurgent candidates -- Paul and Huckabee.

And on the Democratic side, we've got only one who's close to being insurgent: Edwards. And our famously free press is freezing him out.

Making, interestingly enough, McCain, HRC, and Obama (endorsed by Sullivan and Brooks, let us remember) the establishment candidates.


We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan

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1) Handmade, written freehand or stenciled on cardboard or wood. Intended to be waved and read on the go by drivers or other passersby. Distinguished from handbills and flyers which are written or printed on paper to be handed out.

2) Basic level yard sign. Printed professionally but on the cheapest materials, of one or two colors on a contrasting background, on what is essentially stiffened paper or very thin cardboard. Printed to be folded in the midde to make an approx. 24 x 18 inch rectangle which is glued or stapled on the sides and slid over a bent upside down U shaped wire, legs of which can be held for waving but usually stuck into dirt. Anticipated lifespan 4-8 weeks before weather causes deterioration. Used by candidates for county board, auditor, sheriff, city council.

3) High-level yard sign. Visible sides made of plastic. High quality, multi-color printing, may include graphic elements (photo of candidate etc). Interior of sign is honeycombed plastic for stiffness. Sign is deployed onto H shaped holder, with sign slid over upper legs of H through hollow portions of honeycomb structure and lower legs held for waving or inserted into ground. Used by candidates for national office--senator, president.

4) Levels above this get into items of sizes such that single-person waving is impracticable--4x8s that require rebar to hold them in the wind, hand-drawn plywood signage, billboards, inflatables, etc.

The Paris Paulistas were using Level 3 materials. Instantly recognizable...and not cheap. Not at all cheap. And at least a couple were of non-traditional sizes (bumper-sticker proportions but 6 ft wide--took 2 people to hold that one but like I said it was windy yesterday) which raises the price of printing through the roof.

Hell, we couldn't get standard-yard-sized signs for either Kerry/Edwards or Harold Ford in my county (next one over from Paris and of even less significance in the great scheme of things) and we were the official fucking Democratic County Committee dammit. The state party was in charge of printing, which makes sense to centralize, do them all in one shop, get discounts for volume--but they were expensive enough that we couldn't get them allocated to us. Which, sigh, probably also makes sense under ChiDy's note above,

placed by politically inexperienced supporters (cf I’ve seen a bunch on not-well traveled roads).

but still goes to indicate that this does not seem to be a problem for Paul people this year.

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For example, the polls.

I'm thinking of the idiots covering the "horserace" who missed Huckabee entirely--turns out he was using a mailing list of millions of names collected during a showing of The Passion.

Similarly with Paul's fundraising: Out of "nowhere." If Paul's got a base of the rural dispossessed in the Red States, that does attack the base, yes, but in a way it's even worse for us; it's what's the matter with Kansas on an epic scale.

We. Are. Going. To. Die. We must restore hope in the world. We must bring forth a new way of living that can sustain the world. Or else it is not just us who will die but everyone. What have we got to lose? Go forth and Fight!—Xan