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Clinton turns over campaign Twitter account to supporter

This is smart, though I sure hope Brown doesn't have to process the responses.....

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“I made a mistake, plain and simple,” in voting to authorize the 2003 invasion, she said.

She defended her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, a White House adviser to former President Bill Clinton and a longtime confidant, who was paid by the Clinton Foundation and offered advice to Mrs. Clinton about the situation in Libya while she was secretary of state.

“I always think that it’s important when you get into politics to have friends you had before you were in politics and to understand what’s on their mind,” she said.

At every step in her campaign so far, Mrs. Clinton has voiced a populist message about helping ordinary Americans, saying the “deck is stacked” against them and in favor of the very wealthy. Tuesday was no different: “Something is wrong when C.E.O.s earn more than 300 times what the typical American worker earns,” she said in the round-table discussion.

But for the first time, Mrs. Clinton was asked afterward how she could relate to voters struggling to get by, given the $25 million that she and her husband reported in income from paid speeches since the beginning of last year.

“Obviously, Bill and I have been blessed, and we are very grateful for the opportunities,” she said. “I’m running a campaign that is very clearly stating we want to reshuffle the deck.”

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Frankly, on ZOMG Benghazi!!!!, if that's what Sidney Blumenthal is in reference too, is inter-tribal legacy warfare, just throwing red meat to fundraisers of both legacy parties.

Clinton's support of TPP, and her refusal to renounce the Rubinite wing of the party, are far more significant. Getting down in the weeds on Benghazi is nothing but opportunity cost, so far as I'm concerned.

"The truth" will never be known, if in fact it is knowable. What always amazes me is the horrible truths that are out in the open and acknowleged by all, TPP support and the power of the Rubinites being two clear examples.