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Cliff downgraded to slope


But if the deadlock in Washington persists much longer than a few weeks, the consequences will quickly mount, economists warn.

Oh, great. Now I can ratchet my angst down from daily panic attacks to constant low level anxiety. Good to know!

NOTE They're just toying with us, aren't they?

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Submitted by jawbone on

propaganda mode for the Pete Petersons of this world..

How can we trust these lying liars of the Fifth Estate about anything? Serious queston.

Also, were I a small business owner --even a Big Bidness CEO-- I would be pissed beyond measure that yet another Christmas/year end holiday of your choice shopping season has been dampened by 1) no JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, and 2) continous fake handwringing about a fake fiscal crisis set up by both the president and the DC pols to actually go after the great soccial safety net programs. Even seniors on limited income do spend some of that money for presents -- and they may not have anything to spare at all in about 10 years.

Why is Obama so dead set on messing with SocSec? Was it inculcated into him by his wealthy friends' parents during high school or by his wealthy mentors?

What is wrong with him? Another serious question, but actually moot, as only his ACTIONS really count. Doesn't mater what his motivations and/or even mental illnesses are: It's the ACTIONS, stupid.

Get it, voters? It's pols' actions, not their fine words, which affect your lives.

And the pols want to use the "fiscal crisis" as a greased slide to penury for the rest of us.

*MCM --Mainstream Corporate Media (and, yes, Virginia, NPR and its ilk are all members in good standing of the MCM)