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Cliches are cliches because they touch on certain truths

Thai hot peppers drying in the sun, right?

I took this one on the way to the BTS, walking through a lo so soi -- at least, it seems lo so to me, though I believe there are sois far more poor[1] -- and saw the peppers drying on a stainless steel table. Stainless steel tables are very popular here, no doubt because every sort of organism grows fast here in the tropics, and I guess a wooden table would just be a breeding ground.[2] But this stainless steel table is pretty dinged up, and you can also see tied, filled garbage or debris bags at top and left. So not the pretty, polished peppers in the "floating market."

NOTE [1] This neighborhood has TVs. However, it also has water machines. Not water bottle machines, but water dispensing machines. I see people filling up cooking pots from them.

NOTE [2] Also wooden chairs? There's a kind of plastic chair you see everywhere here. If I owned stock in the company that makes it, I'd be squillionaire!

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