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CJR: How the media wrongly treats deficit reduction as non-ideological

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and quite effectively, to some factions of the Democratic Party--and to some extent, the public at large--as this wonderful middle-ground, non-ideological political realm.

From what I hear everyday on XM Radio, the corporatist (mainstream media) ARE the biggest enablers of this toxic "ideology."

And "No Labels" is simply the "bi-partisan" DLC umbrella organization.

If you want to gag, listen to the No Labels program [on XM Radio] on Saturday mornings. (I do, because somebody's got to do it.)

The Democratic Party dominates this organization, and many of the Dem members are "DLC retreads." Obviously, the Republican members are business friendly/corporatist Repubs--not Tea Partiers.

So thanks for making this point!

It is incumbent upon liberal Dems (the handful that are left, LOL!) to point this out, since it appears that no one in the MSM dares!