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Civil War? Something Worse? Two Perspectives

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Recently, in the comments of this post reader and blogger Mark from Ireland made the suggestion that the term "civil war" isn't the right one to describe what's happening in Iraq right now. In response, I offer this devastating article by Nir Rosen. It is probably one of the top five articles I've read about Iraq since the war started, and I cannot encourage you enough to read it. And reread it. It's long, detailed, and has the context and background so missing in so much "reporting" about Iraq. I will be blogging more on this piece and the questions raised here, but that will have to wait until I'm back in DC. I'll say this: I'm glad my nephew is too young to read, because I don't know what I'd tell him about what he would find in this article.

Hat tip to The brilliant Mercury Rising Crew.

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