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Citizenship for $Sale$, an easily predictable consequence of TPP

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I just posted an extensive comment, as @votersrevenge7, at the Computer World article Newspaper IT employees 'angry as hell' over foreign workers I think it stands on it's own, OK, so I'll just copy and past it, here.

I predict that current H1B visa abuse is small potatoes compared to what will happen if the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is passed. And that is: UNRESTRICTED IN-sourcing from TPP countries. Japanese PM Abe Shinzo blabbed as much last summer, when he spoke of the EU style "free flow of labor". This has essentially been confirmed, now that the TPP text has been released, and has been studied. (See TPP signatory countries include Mexico, Vietnam and Malaysia. While TPP economies equate to 40% of the world's GDP, there's little incentive for workers to come to the US to work in IT (or any other field) if your typical domestic compensation is similar. So, I don't expect lots of Japanese and Canadian coders to flood into the US labor market. Vietnam, however, has an average wage of ~ $150/month, Malaysia ~ $960/month, Mexico ~$609/month.
TPP was fast-tracked last summer, but thankfully there are candidates for President (Trump and Sanders) who are credibly against it. (Clinton has SAID she can't support it in it's current form, after praising it over 40 times as Secretary of State). Both Trump and Sanders have also inspired other people to run for Congress, with similar antipathy to TPP (well, I'm only aware of 1 such Republican, viz., Paul Nehlen, but haven't had time to look for others. OTOH, I assume most candidates on are also anti-TPP)
If you value your job - in ANY field - I suggest you back anti-TPP candidates, and educate the public about TPP. There are massive demonstration in Europe against TTIP, TTP's evil cousin. In the US, the public mostly never heard of TPP (I've done my own, admittedly modest, polling, BTW. See my facebook page "TPP Ignorance"). In the US, while anti-TPP 'activists' have assembled a large, transpartisan coalition against TPP, IMNSHO, they've been miserable failures in educating the public. Please don't take my word for it, do your own polling. See what percentage of your friends and family know anything about TPP, other than it's alledged status as a "trade agreement". (Of TPP's 30 chapters, only six deal with traditional trade issues. TPP is more about codifying what I call "economic treason". In particular, the TPP Investor State Dispute Settlement process creates a corporate selected tribunal with higher authority that the US Supreme Court)
Also, you can watch my twitter feed @votersrevenge7 for announcement of "Voter's Revenge", a tool to facilitate the growth of populist political muscle. The Day 1 release will ONLY allow for anti-TPP as a redline issue, which are used to define punitive vote bloc "posses".
BTW, an easily forseeable abuse of the already horrid TPP agreement would allow for entrepreneurs (let's call them) making deals with TPP signatory nations to grant dual citizenship to non-TPP nationals, in exchange for a piece of the action when these newly minted dual citizens are exported into the US labor market. So, e.g., consider what we learn from the wikipedia page on "Graduate Unemployment", viz., "Another field of high unemployment for the last three consecutive years is in the fields of computer science and technology." This page gives an unemployment rate of new STEM grads of either 15% or 30%. (I.e., not sure who knows what they're talking about.) Taking the lower figure of 15%, and applying it to 600,000 Chinese engineering graduates per year, we get 90,000 fresh Chinese engineers still looking for work, before their degree becomes too stale to be useful, presumably each and every year. Why not make them dual Chinese and Vietnamese citizens, so they can work in the US, completely legally? Split the agency profits with the Vietnamese government, so everybody wins, except for the newly unemployed American. The people who negotiated the TPP don't care what happens to American citizens, and that includes, BTW, naturalized Americans who first came from other countries, such as India, as STEM workers. They are also extremely liable to have lost jobs to fresh immigrants. I know two such guys, they're re-employment prospects involved a 1/3 pay cut, so I'll guess their replacements were paid no more than 1/2 of what they used to make.

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