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Citizens to Obama: Stop Using the Word “We” – We Are On To Your Craven Crony Corporate Capitalism Con


Big news!! Massachusetts didn’t vote for the Democratic candidate, Martha Coakley.

It had been reported that Ms. Coakley had flown a week before the election to Washington to enjoy a fundraising dinner with big pharma and private health insurance industry lobbyists. Do you think that might have angered a few citizens of Massachusetts?

Coakley was ready to pull her Democratic craven crony corporate capitalist weight when elected to help pass a health care bill that is an insult to any American who can manage to find out the real Trojan horse pro-craven crony corporate capitalism nature of this give-away bill.

Months ago I came across the reported daily income of Helmsley of UnitedHealth. He was “earning” $57,000 a day. 45,000 American citizens a year die prematurely from lack of health care. Every other industrial nation has universal health care. But not America. And this clown, this insurance vendor exec, is pulling in this kind of money during our craven corporate capitalism caused recession!

Flash! This past week I read that the fourth quarter profits of UnitedHealth are up an incredible 30% from the same quarter last year (which craven corporate capitalist Goldman Sachs verifies as “very solid” and they sure would know). So our Mr. Helmsley will be raking in an even larger, grotesquely obscene chunk of change. Once again, as 45,000 American citizens die prematurely each year from lack of health care. As the craven crony corporate capitalism Dems try to con America that even with skyrocketing profits for insurance and pharma mega-corporations, Obamacare is historic and massively beneficial to citizens. How incredibly stupid do they think we are? How oxymoronic moronic is our President? Win/win scenario with amoral medical corporate complex and us? I don’t think so!

Mr. Helmsley’a entire industry should be obsolescent by now. It is in many other countries or downscaled as supplemental vendoring. Our own Medicare works or worked well without insurance profiteering, but thanks to their craven corporate capitalism governmental cronies UnitedHealth and other mega-corporations are making insane profits, more than ever, even with the specter of the craven crony corporate capitalism congressional faux-reform bills. Obama’s historic health care reform? Teddy Kennedy’s dream of health care reform? A craven crony corporate capitalism crock.

Of course, there are the ever-continuing, multi-dimensions of cruel and surreal irony. The Republican legacy party objects to the faux-reform out of either conditioned gamesmanship because the corporations are bribing the Dems in majority harder than the Repubs and they want to get back into the sweet seats and/or that the few benefits that might leak out to the citizenry they can’t abide and/or they are shameless in lying that they care about the welfare of all the citizenry. All of the above, I would conclude. So craven crony corporate capitalism Republicans are talking faux-populist rhetoric as if the American citizenry has forgotten which legacy party drove the country off the cliff economically and got us into two murderous, immoral and illegal wars. Yes, Obama turned out to be a craven corporate capitalism collaborator (and I mean that with all negative connotations leftover from World War II) but though the craven crony corporate capitalism media gives plenty of sound bites to those bottom feeding scum sucking Republicans (thought I’d give you a break this once from the mantra) we have not forgotten.

The craven crony corporate capitalism media, diabolical and/or moronic (I'd conclude both), seems to have a profound case of amnesia as to the history of the craven crony corporate capitalism capture of our, but not anymore our, America. Well, why not? The craven crony corporate capitalism media is owned by the craven corporate capitalists! So they report that the Democratic party is just too threateningly liberal and citizens are moving to the right? You idiots. The Democratic party is not liberal enough! Both parties are total sell-outs! I’d wager even if the country had 99% of the population out in the streets with pitchforks calling out the craven crony corporate capitalism Republican party and craven crony corporate capitalism Democratic party it would be blocked out by the craven crony corporate capitalism cheerleading squad media.

Last Friday David Brooks was on the NewsHour chiding “crude populists” like me for over-generalizing in anger over the current economic dilemma – fiasco -- of the country. How dare we "crude populists" express our uncivil anger in blanket form against entire groups of craven corporate capitalists and their cronies? Spoken like a true crony of the craven corporate capitalists, David. I say if the knives in our backs fit the greedy paws of the craven corporate capitalists thanks to the enabling of their craven corporate capitalist governmental and media cronies then let the “crude populist” rhetoric flood out!

As for the Obama craven crony corporate capitalism team, how do they interpret this? Ramp up the faux-populism rhetoric just as the Republican legacy party is doing. And, oh yes, they just didn’t explain well enough to the American people what benefits as in downright betraying crap they were selling. Obama now rises up with his rhetorical “we” hoping to re-hypnotize the betrayed legions he has put on the shelf for a year, who unwittingly aided and abetted yet one more elected citizenry betrayer. You talk about how you are “fighting” for us? Good luck with that, Mr. Audacity. You better expect to do a lot of walking the walk, Barack, cuz you talked the talk too hypocritically from the get-go. We Charlie Browns have walked away from your Lucy football for quite a while now. You were so busy being a craven crony to corporate capitalists you didn’t even notice.

Tea-partiers have nothing on the degree of anger and sense of betrayal we of the ever-expanding but crazymakingly denied "crude populist" ranks have got.

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I love your Eleanor quote.

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