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Citibike NYC #FAIL

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... but Alta (aka Corruption) wants the City to start paying for the "strictly privately funded" program. This is the program that former TinPot Dictator mayor "Mike" Bloomberg kept insisting was 100% funded by "private entities" (JP Morgan, VISA, and no doubt some "help" from his "philanthropy" (this last is rank speculation, of course)). This, while there was a $164Million set aside in his last budget's capital spending section for ... drumroll, Citibike program. And at the time when an adventurous press person asked how he could reconcile the claim that this bike-share advertising program for Citibank was "using no City money whatsoever," half of that $164 Million had already been spent. Yikes!

Ha-ha. I love the smell of "private" enterprise gobbling up the NYC Commons -- the legacy of "Mike" Captain Crony Bloomberg. And JP Morgan Chase, the touted "private sponsor" apparently isn't throwing in another penny. So why do they get to keep advertising through this program - for free (and potentially at taxpayers' expense)?!

Same old. The bike-share program is crapifying not even a year after launching (1 plus years late) -- bikes not checked or maintained, bikes not being put into docks, etc. Alta, in typical fashion, cries "we don't have the money." Hope City Hall holds firm in refusing to pour money down this Klepto Drain for Alta and its parent(s).

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