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CISPA "dead" but watch out

ZD Net:

A committee aide told ZDNet on Thursday that Rockefeller believes the Senate will not take up CISPA. The White House has also said the President won't sign the House bill.

Staff and senators are understood to be "drafting separate bills" that will maintain the cybersecurity information sharing while preserving civil liberties and privacy rights.

Just don't do anything at all.

Rockefeller's comments are significant as he takes up the lead on the Commerce Committee, which will be the first branch of the Senate that will debate its own cybersecurity legislation.

Michelle Richardson, legislative council with the American Civil Liberties Union, told the publication she thinks CISPA is "dead for now," and said the Senate will "probably pick up where it left off last year."

Anybody who uses the word "cyber" in any context at all doesn't know what they're talking about. It's a tell, just like "Information Superhighway" when the Internet is nothing at all like a highway.

Has somebody put an axe in the head of this zombie? No. So it's going to keep coming, just with different branding.

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