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Church of England: Women not fully human

Church of England governing body blocks move to approve female bishops.

This is even stupider than it looks.

Everybody who's going to hate the C of E/Anglicans/Episcoplians already hates them because they ordained female priests (and the Episcoplians a gay male Bishop).

So might as well get hung for a Bishop instead of some Priests, eh? But no. Idiots.

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Submitted by techno on

This is the Church of England—the official religion of colonialism. These are the folks who worked long and hard to put a "humanitarian" face on 300+ years of naked plunder. Hey don't you know, the Opium Wars were about free trade? Don't you know that putting down the Mau Mau uprising was about allowing the Gospel of Christ to flourish in East Africa.

I see it as a sign of progress that CE now gets itself embroiled in gonad issues. Did you know that the Brits invaded all but 21 nations on this earth at the height of their "glory." And during this time, one of the requirements to be in the British military was membership in the Church of England?

Submitted by chadwick newsome on

Don't his views count for anything? Near as I can tell Jesus always treated women as his equals and it was women who stuck with him to the end. (And were the first to arrive at his resurrection.)

Maybe these guys should read their bibles some time, what the heh.