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Chuck Schumer is a hideous warmonger

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The senator from AIPAC

Senator Corker Accuses Obama Of Trying To Get Out Of Middle East

Ed Kilgore

I don’t want to pre-judge what’s ultimately going to happen. But I don’t mind saying that Democrats ought to view this year and next as a testing period for Schumer’s suitability as leader.

Schumer is up for re-election in 2016, and he seriously needs to be primaried

Sen. Schumer Stands with Republicans in Opposing Iran Nuclear Agreement

Schumer sides with GOP on reviewing Iran deal

Nobody wants a war with Iran. Other than the Saudis, Israel, and their flunkies in Versailles, nobody wants a war with Iran. Nobody. This agreement is Obama's finest achievement. Rather than celebrate it, here is Schumer trying to sink it. Shame on him. Shame on him.

What a horrible human being.

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Mostly off-topic, but still related: Toronto-based Euromaidan fascist cult censors web's favorite pianist

The pieces played by Valentina Lisitsa, a Kiev-born pianist often nicknamed "web's favorite pianist", have been dropped by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra from a planned concert for an insane reason: because her tweets were critical of the current government in the city where she was born!

The Western war mongers and imperialists corrupt society on many levels to achieve their ends.

BTW, I heard most of Obama's recent speech on the Iran deal. Unlike most of his speeches that I've listened to, he made complete sense, and I detected no lies (or probable lies) of either omission or commission. So, yeah, "This agreement is Obama's finest achievement" is actually quite plausible.

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And he is perfect as the face of the new Democratic Party. (So long, homespun "we just don't have the votes goshdarnit" Harry Reid) Schumer is picture perfect to the last pixel. The only mystery to me about what's going on is why some people who should know better still care.

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I first became aware of him in a documentary film about the siege of Waco. There is some footage of a congressional investigation where survivors are being questioned. I forget which journalist, writing about the film, described Schumer's performance as "haranguing the survivors from the podium like an alcoholic high school principal." I've never been able to get that image out of my head.

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He's barely a Democrat, to the extent that the Democratic Party still exists (which is even more barely.)

People above have nailed it.

Identifying with the politics of Bibi Netanyahu is just... how can I say this... INSANE.