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Chuck Hagel is a horrible person

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DoD quietly tightens tuition assistance rules

Force-wide changes to the military’s Tuition Assistance program may require troops to pay back their TA money if they perform poorly in class.

This is just plain sick. Obama, Chuck Hagel (R-ES&S), and every member of the House and Senate Armed Services committees should hang their heads in shame. This is a disgrace.

Ever since he became Sec. of Defense Hagel has cut everything that would help rank and file armed forces while covering defense contractor CEO's in wealth. It is sick truly sick.

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Chuck Hagel is just another horrible person in govt.

I truly doubt there is any one at this level in govt. that isn't a cycle-0-path. When chuckles leaves this post then on to a cushion job at one or more dod vendors. Fuck over the soldiers to give more to the criminal vendors class.