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Christmas on the C list!

As usual, I'm greatly encouraged when I go read the C list. The topics are so much more varied, once the requirement to service whoever's giving "access" is removed, and there are so many original voices. I encourage you all to make sure you read the C listers -- and also to link to them and send hits their way. I think there's a great ferment out in the country, but from Versailles, you'll never hear of it or see it. Not that "progressives" would want to.

Let's start out with the Pope, who got knocked down, but -- looking on the bright side -- gave a bagpipe player some tongue!

Then there's the whole "peace on earth" thing -- or, as No Blood for Hubris puts it, "Peace on earth, good will toward all sentient beings", and also bourbon -- a theme that reminded both Effect Measure and Stop Me Before I Vote Again of the World War I Christmas truce, where troops fraternized in No Man's land before the Generals got them back to slaughtering each other. Down in the tranches, econobloggers posted on Timmy, Man of the Year Ben, raising the debt limit, and carbon trading, while the great Yves wrapped up more links. Calculated Risk remembered Tanta, and Suburban Guerilla noted Vic Chesnutt's passing. At Patriot Boy's, MJS posted on Christmas past, while NTodd and Obsidian Wings posted on their respective baby-blogging Christmas presents -- without, however, present faces (Garfunkel and Oates). Musical offerings also came from Bad Tux (Lady Gaga) and Menopausal Stoners (Asleep at the Wheel). Archy reminds us that singing "Deck the Halls with Boston Charlie" is a Christmas tradition, along with giving slaves the week off between Christmas and New Years, except for taking care of the livestock (Frederick Douglass), and the breadline Santa Claus (Langston Hughes). And the year-end roundups are starting, at Language Log and Sustainable Food, which I hope includes lasagna. With Advice Unasked, I wonder if the rich will figure out how to share in 2010?

NOTE These links are all to posts on December 25. Posting on Christmas... That filters out the dilletantes and wannabes!

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