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Chris Hedges-- "Who Are The American Fascists?"

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Well, Jonah Loadpants has yet another person to whom he needs to explain his very serious book...

Chris Hedges, reporter, 2002 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges explores the rise of the Christian right in America, drawing parallels with the rise of fascism in Europe prior to the Second World War. How does the vision of the United States as a Christian nation relate to our Bill of Rights? Why does Hedges identify the increasing political power of Christian fundamentalism as a war against America?

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities.

Watch The Google Video Here

More Like This At The WGBH Forum Network. (Lambert, you'll really like this link.)

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per NYT:

The top editor of The Los Angeles Times has been forced out for resisting newsroom budget cuts, executives at the paper said Sunday, marking the fourth time in less than three years that the highest-ranking editor or the publisher has left for that reason.

They want to save some money at LAT? Sack that little twit Jonah of the Doughy Pantload, Scion of Lucianne du Fingerfuck.

I took the LATimes off all my bookmarks/favorites lists when they hired that lackwit as an "editorial columnist." As soon as he's gone I'll put 'em back in the rotation.

Given the breathtaking quality of writing skill, political acumen, cultural comprehension and other skills available by a five minute scan of the blogosphere, why they bother to pay a salary (no doubt large, although minimum wage would be excessive considering the caliber of the product he produces) to Jonah at all is indeed evidence of bad management.

Guess they'll just have to keep running through editors and sacking them one after the other, though, until they figure this out. As Jonah would no doubt say, as he has in other contexts, "They're all volunteers so fuck 'em."