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Chris Dodd for President
PO Box 51882
Washington, DC 20091

Since I'd bet I'm not the only Correntian who's off the plastic grid.

I'm sending $50 bucks.

How about you?

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My first contribution for presidential campaign evah.

Reid is working feverishly to undermine this effort. Me thinks Harry has skeletons in his closet. If Harry has any meager portion of patriotism or even self respect remaining, he will leverage this moment to turn J. Edgar Hoover tactics upside down.

The domestic spying program which began within one month of Shrubbie taking office has always been about monitoring political rivals including the press. Since it was operational before 9-11 and didn't stop the damn foreign punks from killing thousands of Americans on 9-11, we have no precedent established to expect it to stop another incident when it comes either.

The continued success of this rat-fucking operation depends upon the cowardice of people in power to submit to their blackmailer's whimsy.

Conversely, letting the world know that this Invisible Hand Of Information has pushed you too far can free the world from this dark road leading to militant corporate servitude.

Smoke out the Morlocks while we still can.