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Chicken or egg? FDA secrecy obsession led to tracking its scientists'

emails, all drafts, all keystrokes. Holy Privacy Invasion, ObamaMan!

Who's behind this? Who's influencing whom? Why was this done?

And, head honchos, you really think it's a good idea to spy on Congress Critters? Who else is doing that inside the executive branch, I wonder....

From diary at FDL by MSPB Watch:

In a story that almost defies comprehension, the New York Times is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration’s suspected surveillance of whistleblowers is bigger than previously reported, and includes tracking of sources outside the agency.

The FDA reportedly has developed an “enemies list” to push back against negative coverage of its oft-criticized review of drugs and medical devices. The list includes not only scientists employed within the FDA, but also congressmen, journalists, and outside medical researchers. These efforts have resulted in the collection of some 80,000 pages of documents that include private emails to Congress, draft whistleblower retaliation complaints, and communications with journalists and attorneys.

The FDA contracted with an outside firm to install “key logging” software in employees’ computers, which can record every key stroke and thus intercept draft letters and email passwords. The software was originally set up to collect and analyze surveillance results, but FDA officials used it to provide new leads and to map out new surveillance targets and issues of concern.

NYTimes link.

But this may not lead to a free read, so perhaps it's best to go through the FDL link in the diary.