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"Chevron Thinks Ecuador Is Conspiring Against It on Twitter"


Chevron believes that last week's Twitter hijack against the brand from activist group Toxic Effect is actually part of a more elaborate plot involving the Republic of Ecuador, Adweek has learned.

On May 28, Toxic Effect—a self-proclaimed environmental group in Latin America—bought the Promoted Trend #AskChevron on Twitter to protest the oil company’s shareholder meeting. It spawned thousands of tweets that didn't bode well for the energy giant, including taunts that wrongly suggested Chevron was behind the ad buy. (See examples below.)

Chevron has cause to think that Toxic Effect’s Twitter effort is directly correlated to government-funded attempts from Ecuador against the oil company, said Morgan Crinklaw, spokesman for the energy giant.

"We view it as nothing more than inconsequential noise, and we know that it is not a result of any organic advocacy," he said. "This is all manufactured, it’s all paid for, and it’s all a stunt. So we are continuing to promote the positive impact that our company has on the places where we do business, and we are continuing to focus on exposing these groups for who they really are."

Well, good for Ecuador, say I.

Weird word in the headline, though. Since when does a government "conspire" against a corporation anyhow?

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rude of Ecuador to pick on chevron, Ecuador is hurting chevron feeling and we all know thanks to the supremes that corp. are people. chevron should sue Ecuador in the world court for bulling them;)

Yes, good for little Ecuador whose pockets aren't anywhere as deep as the criminal outfit called chevron