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Cheri Honkala

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Cheri Honkala, Now the Green Party's VP Candidate, Says She'll Shed Light on PA's Ballot-Access Woes

And what Honkala lacked in hard votes, she made up for in party registration. Local Green Party spokesman Chris Robinson notes that registration in Honkala’s Kensington neighborhood is up more than 50 percent, the highest turnaround in the city.

Clearly Honkala understands the nuts and bolts of electoral politics and I wonder if that is why she was chosen.

Incidentally, I am amazed at the amount of press the Stein & Honkala continue to receive.

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And I did notice that about Honkala in Kensington.

The "Dean Scream" moment has not arrived yet, and it will be interesting to see how they handle it if it does. And if it does, that will be a very good sign.