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She handled that question very well. We need more of that turning up on our TV sets.

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Although I understand she has said she has no interest in running for office and, really, who could blame her?

It still amazes me that the Village look down on the people who raised this person as if they are somehow socially inferior or defective.

My favorite part of the video, however, is how uncomfortable the white, male cop looks as she's going over the pay differentials. Heh.

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She makes me want to vote for Hillary all over again. Her parents must be tremendously proud of her.

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I watched the video all the way through, and didn't see either cop look particularly uncomfortable with any of her remarks. On the contrary; the white cop looked to be paying close attention for a while to what she was saying, before he remembered that his job was to watch the room not the speaker.

The uncomfortable look on his face was there from the beginning, and my guess is that his feet hurt him. He's overweight and he keeps shifting from one foot to another, trying to relieve the pain. Don't think it's any more complicated than that; ascribing bad intent to every expression on the face of every white male in sight is not helpful.

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And I didn't think it was bad intent, if anything I thought it was a human reaction. It's like if I were in a room with a lot of non-white women and they started talking about the pay gap, I'd probably feel a little self-conscious. That's all I thought the cop might be feeling, nothing more. Which is why I thought it was funny, it was so human.

But you're right, it might not be there at all and the fact the camera keeps cutting to him may have made me want to see something that isn't there. Why else cut to him when Chelsea is talking?

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Nothing more. Much of what goes on that we see as intentional really is simple incompetence. Most of the agenda of the BushCo criminal gang has been deliberate, but most of the horrendous strategic and tactical execution of their agenda has been the result of incompetence; they really did think Iraqis would greet us with flowers and we’d be out of there in six months. Doesn’t hurt less, but it is reassuring to remember that most people are inept, most of the time.

Odd happenstance, via work I have many times been the only male in a group of women, and I found that if I just sat there quietly they would start to talk amongst themselves as though I wasn't there. Fascinating, like being Goodall amongst the chimps of Gombe, a window into another world of strange and wonderful creatures. :-)

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My ex. brother in law (not a story fit for human consumption-the ex part) went to an event a couple of days ago in NC where Chelsea was speaking and his raves for her are incredible. He said that he is now in love with her and that she is the perfect woman, and that she actually said his name correctly, and is beautiful,etc.,etc.,etc....

Get the drift? He is in his early 30's--so, yeah we need her to work that demographic (white, late 20's-early 30's, white collar professional-actually a computer programmer, and very late bloomer).